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Oral Health Program: Data and Reports

Find links below to our interactive data dashboards on three important topics to Wisconsin dental health professionals.

Oral health and pregnancy

Pregnant person sitting in a dental chair

Wisconsin PRAMS is a yearly survey that asks questions about dental cleanings during pregnancy, oral health education, dental issues during pregnancy, and barriers to dental care.

Opioid prescribing

Blurred background of charts and calculator with a 3D tooth focus

Many people in Wisconsin are experiencing opioid use disorder or other substance use disorders. Learn how oral health professionals can help and where to look when support is needed.

Dental professional shortages

A magnifying glass over a map.

Communities experiencing a shortage of health care services may have a shortage of primary care, dental, and/or mental health care providers.

The oral health of people in Wisconsin is a complex topic. Poor oral health is a significant contributor to childhood morbidity and can have long-term impacts on the development of chronic conditions later in life, such as diabetes and heart disease. The Wisconsin Oral Health Program (OHP) invests in oral health prevention and surveillance programs to improve the oral health status of residents statewide. The OHP’s surveillance activities provide timely and accurate data on oral disease burden, prevention and risk behaviors, access, and workforce. These data are essential to the development of public health programs that directly improve the oral health of all Wisconsinites.

Reports and briefings

Head Start surveys

Third grade surveys

Wisconsin Healthy Smiles Survey– Kindergarten and Third Grade Children, P-00589 (PDF)

Ninth grade surveys

Adult surveys

The Oral Health Of Wisconsin Adults, P-01074 (PDF)

Older adult surveys

Public health professionals track oral health data in order to educate their communities and plan prevention efforts.

Environmental Public Health Tracking: Oral Health Module is your source for oral health data in Wisconsin.

Additional resources

Not finding what you need? Reach out to the Oral Health Program.

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Last revised May 31, 2024