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Oral Health Program: Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile

Seal A Smile Logo

Services are provided free of charge

All students that return a consent form receive services free of charge. Learn more about the program and sign student up for services.

Did you know?

  • In Wisconsin, 3 in 5 students in third grade have had a cavity.

  • Cavities can cause pain, discomfort, and make eating or concentrating in class difficult.

  • Dental sealants can prevent 8 out of 10 cavities in back teeth, where most cavities occur.

  • Sealants can be applied by a dentist or dental hygienist right in schools.

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile

  • Dental sealant program offered in schools around the state
  • Dental sealants—quick, easy and painless way to prevent most cavities students get
  • Brings preventative dental services to students at school to reduce time spent away from the classroom
  • Eligibility—Students must return consent form
  • Services—provided free of charge
  • Parents/guardians—learn more and sign child up for services

Do you want to bring Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile to your school?

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile's mission is to improve the oral health of Wisconsin students by providing school-based dental sealants.

SAS is nationally recognized as a gold-standard program bringing preventative dental services to students at schools.

Learn more about this collaborative effort between:

For more information regarding the Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile Program, please email:

Do you want to start a Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile program?

Grant funding is available.

Who: Grantees include local health departments, dentists, dental hygienists, schools, hospitals, community health centers, and non-profit safety net dental clinics.

When: Each year, SAS provides funding to local programs to implement school-based oral health services.

How: Contact Children's Health Alliance Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile for information on how to get started.

Questions: For more information regarding the Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile Program, please email:

Last revised August 29, 2023