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Prenatal Care Coordination: Member Information

Prenatal care coordination helps pregnant people get the supports and services they need during and right after pregnancy. 

Find out what you need to know as a Medicaid member using the prenatal care coordination benefit. To learn more, view the Prenatal Care Coordination Brochure, P-01046

Using your ForwardHealth card

If you are a new Medicaid member who would like to get prenatal care coordination services, we’ll send you a ForwardHealth card in the mail. If you had BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid in the past, you won’t get a new card. You can use the same card you used before.

Need a card? Go to your ACCESS account or call ForwardHealth Member Services at 800-362-3002.

Front of Forward Health Card

Your ForwardHealth card includes your name. It also has a 10-digit number and magnetic stripe. There is a place for you to sign your name as soon as you get it. If you need help, the Member Services phone number is on the card.

You must show your card when you go to the doctor. You also need it when you pick up medicine at the pharmacy.

A provider does not need your ForwardHealth ID (the 10-digit number on your card) unless they are providing you with health services. Do not give out your ForwardHealth ID until you have chosen the right provider for you. You will give the prenatal care coordination agency your ForwardHealth ID number after you choose them and they help you fill out the questionnaire and create a care plan. 

Accessing other benefits

Find Medicaid Programs for Children. This page can connect you to resources about different programs your child could be eligible for after they are born.

Family Planning Only is a Medicaid program that can help you get birth control, tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other preventative care related to family planning. 

Find DHS mental health resources. This page has information to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. It also has links to resources and programs that can help you with a mental health challenge.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a Medicaid benefit that will help you get rides to medical appointments if you don't have a way to get there. You can get money for gas, bus tickets, or a ride in a vehicle. For more information, view the fact sheets below:

Find DHS substance use disorders resources. This page has information to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of substance use disorders. It also has links to resources and programs that can help you with a substance use disorder.

To learn more about other Medicaid benefits, visit the ForwardHealth programs page or call Member Services at 800-362-3002. 

Reporting changes

If you move, you need to report your new address. You must make this update within 10 days. You can report changes:

Renewing your benefits

Prenatal care coordination benefits end 60 days after your child is born. 

Every year, you must renew your Medicaid benefits. A month before your benefits end you will get a letter. The letter will tell you how to renew them.

Learn more about renewals.

Reporting Public Assistance Fraud

We encourage members to report misuse of personal information or Medicaid dollars to the Office of the Inspector General. You should report any concerns with how your personal information is being used. You should also report if you gave out your Medicaid ID number and never received any services. Call 877-865-3432 or file a report with the Office of the Inspector General.

Last revised March 9, 2023