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Radiation Protection Section Staff Contacts

Radiation Protection staff and contact information
Name Phone Number Title
Adams, Charles 608-267-4794 Radiological Emergency Preparedness
Anible, Sandra 608-267-4783


Balke, William 608-267-4787 X-ray (Supervisor)
Mammography (Supervisor)
Busch, Bob 608-267-7320

Radiological Environmental Monitoring

Costello, Michael 608-266-0468 Radioactive Materials
Fischer, Pamela 608-267-4784 X-ray
Hagstrom, Susan 608-267-4797

Purchasing Agent, Web, Travel Coordination,
Database Management

Vacant 608-266-9443 Radiological Emergency Preparedness
Loehrke, Luther 608-267-3656 Radiological Emergency Preparedness
McMillan, Theresa 608-267-4782 X-Ray
Nowak, Austin 608-267-4785 Radioactive Materials
Paulson, Mark 608-264-6516 Section Manager
Pitt, Brad 608-261-6865 X-Ray
Post, Melissa 608-264-6744 X-Ray
Reindl, David 608-266-8336 Radioactive Materials
Ross, Joe 608-267-3657 Radioactive Materials
Saenz, Diego 608-266-8135 Radioactive Materials
Schendel, Patrick 608-267-7844 Radioactive Materials
Vacant 608-267-4786 X-ray
Shober, Megan 608-287-4422 (cell) Radioactive Materials (Supervisor)
Strack, Brian 608-267-4789 Radioactive Materials
Walton, Kyle 608-267-4791 Radioactive Materials
Radiological Emergency Preparedness
Wunn, Jenny 608-267-4788 X-ray
Yadro, Trent 608-261-9325 Radioactive Materials
Last revised June 16, 2023