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X-Ray Facility Registrations, Surveys, and Inspections

During our peak registration renewal from November 1 to January 7, processing of online registration forms, responding to emails and voicemails will take significantly longer due to volume. We ask for your patience and understanding during this busy season.

Please do NOT use "Bill Pay" as an alternative to using our online payment system or submitting a paper check.

Registration payments may be made using our online payment system or by check made payable to Department of Health Services (DHS) and mailed to:

DHS X-ray Protection
PO Box 93521
Milwaukee, WI 53293-3521

When mailing a check include a copy of the x-ray facility's Initial Registration Requirements and Initial Registration Invoice or X-ray Facility Registration Renewal Invoice. A payment made by check without the accompanying documentation will be delayed.

Wisconsin Stat. §§ 254.31–254.45 requires annual registration by DHS of all x-ray devices.

Instructions for registering x-ray facilities

To register a new facility with x-ray devices, or notify us of a change in ownership for an existing facility: Fill out the DHS X-ray Initial Registration/Change online form. The Using the DHS X-ray Initial Registration/Change Instructions will help you with any questions, or call us at 608-267-4782. The appropriate fee (see Fee Calculator) can be paid online at the DHS X-ray Program E-payment Page, (once you receive notification that the application is complete). The fee can also be submitted through the U.S. Postal Service.

There is no log-in requirement to access the form. If you are seeing a log-in screen, or if the form does not appear, please use a different browser to submit your information. Your internet/network security can also be causing an issue seeing the form, so you may need to try to access off your corporate network.

Mail with a check made payable to the Department of Health Services, accompanied by a current invoice, should be mailed to:

DHS X-ray Protection
PO Box 93521
Milwaukee, WI 53293-3521

Please note that a change in ownership of an existing facility requires a new registration fee and then a new registration number will be generated.

Notifications of changes or additions to the x-ray devices of existing registered facilities must be provided within 30 days. To register changes in the number of tubes (new x-ray devices or a change in the tube count), please use the online DHS X-ray Initial Registration/Change form, using the drop down list for "Add X-ray device," "Remove X-ray Device," or "Update X-ray Device."

No fee is required when adding or changing device information to a current registration from February through October. The change in device information will appear on your next annual renewal notice.

Please note:

  1. Multiple x-ray units at a single radiation installation and under the control of one person may be registered on a single registration application and for one fee.
  2. If the units/sources are located at separate addresses, each installation will require a separate registration and fee.
  3. Registration of sources of ionizing radiation must be made by the person in control.
  4. Renewal Renewal Invoices are sent out by the Department of Health Services in November of each year.

If you have questions, please contact staff at the Division of Public Health for assistance.

To assist with speedier service, we now have a group email. Please feel free to send us any questions, technical or administrative.


DHS Radiation Protection personnel conduct inspections of x-ray facilities to determine compliance with Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 157. After an inspection, a copy of the report will be sent to the registrant.

Operator/radiographer license information

Wisconsin requires all operators of x-ray units used for human diagnostic medical imaging to be licensed as a radiographer or have a limited x-ray machine operator (LXMO) permit. To request information about how to apply for either a license or permit, contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, Radiography licensing:

Additional contact information:

  • Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, PO Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708-8935
  • Phone: 608-266-2112, 877-617-1565
  • Email:

For additional information, see the Wisconsin Society of Radiologic Technologists State Licensing webpage.

Informational links

  1. Fee Calculator for registering Ionizing Radiation Devices
  2. Online DHS X-ray Initial Registration/Change form.
  3. Using the DHS X-ray Initial Registration/Change instructions.
  4. Electronic Payment system
  5. State of Wisconsin Mammography Compliance (MQSA)
  6. Food and Drug Administration site for X-ray machine requirements
  7. NEXT (Nationwide Evaluation of X-ray Trends) Overview and results 9/2003.
  8. X-Ray Regulatory Guide – Radiation Safety Program

Radiation Protection section contacts

View contact information for staff of the Radiation Protection Program.

Wisconsin X-Ray Facility Statute and Administrative Code

  1. Wisconsin Stat. § 254.35
  2. Wisconsin Admin. Code. ch DHS 157 — Administrative Rules (Appendices M, N, R,)
    a. Pertinent Medical X-ray, Subchapters: I, III, VIII, X, XI, XII, Appendices: M, N, R
    b. Pertinent Dental X-ray, Chiropractor, Subchapters: I, III, VIII, X, XI, XII
    Podiatry and Veterinary, Appendix: R
    c. Pertinent Industrial X-ray, Subchapters: I, III, IV, VIII, X, XI, XII
    d. Pertinent Industrial Cabinet, Subchapters: I, III, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and Analytical X-ray, Appendix: R
    e. Pertinent Subchapter/Appendices titles: I - General Provisions, III - Standards for Protection from radiation, IV - Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations, VIII - X-ray Device Requirements, IX - Cabinet and Analytical X-ray Systems, X - Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers, XI - Inspection by the Department, XII - Enforcement, L-Topics to be covered in the Cross-training of Operators of PET/CT systems, M - Information to be submitted by persons proposing to conduct Healing Arts Screening, N - Exemptions from Patient Shielding for certain Fluoroscopic Procedures, R - Examples of Severity Levels, T - Nationally Tracked Source Thresholds.
Last revised May 16, 2023