Radiological Incident Response and Advisory Assistance

DHS prepares for and responds to emergencies involving radioactive materials other than nuclear power plant origin. In the event of a radiological emergency, DHS staff works with local first responders, local government, other state governments, and federal agencies to protect the citizens of Wisconsin and their property from the radiological hazard.

In addition to responding to incidents involving radioactive materials, DHS staff can also provide advisory assistance on issues involving radioactive materials, and conduct radiological training for first responders.

For emergency state assistance with a radiological incident, call

WEM 24-Hour Emergency Number:
1-800 943-0003

Department of Health Services 24-Hour Emergency Number:

Be sure to state that you have a radiation-related emergency.

State of Wisconsin Radiological Emergency Response Poster (PDF, 40 KB)

State of Wisconsin Fact Sheets

Federal Fact Sheets

Video Resources

Other Helpful Resources

Federal and State Partners


  • CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • CRCPD - Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors
  • DOE - Department of Energy
  • EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
  • IEAE - International Atomic Energy Agency
  • NNDC - National Nuclear Data Center
  • NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • ORAU - Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • REAC - Radiological Emergency Assistance Center
  • WEM - Wisconsin Emergency Management 

Non-Emergency Contact Information

Charles Adams
Radiological Emergency Preparedness Specialist
1 West Wilson Street, Room 150
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
Phone: 608-267-4794
Fax: 608-267-4799

Last Revised: January 26, 2017