Radioactive Materials - Information Notices and Regulatory Issue Summaries

This page contains recently identified radiation information about public health and safety issues for review and possible action.

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Enforcement Guidance Memorandums

  • 2013

    • FSME-13-048 "Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations Involving 10 CFR 35.60 and 10 CFR 35.63 for the Calibration of Instrumentation to Measure the Activity of Rubidium-82 and the Determination of Rubidium-82 Patient Dosages [EGM-13-003]"  (PDF, 41 KB)

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Notices

  • 2014
    • IN 2014-06 "Damage of Industrial Radiographic Equipment due to Falling equipment and improper mounting" (PDF, 114 KB)  
  • 2013
    • IN 2013-16 "Importance of Verification of Treatment Parameters for High DOst-rate Remote Afterloader Administrations" (PDF, 141 KB) 
    • IN 2013-08  "Pending Expiration of the NRC Type B Transportation Package Certificate for SentinelTM Model 660 Series Radiographic Projectors on June 30, 2013"  (PDF, 78 KB) 
  • 2012
    • IN 2012-23 "Recent Radiography Events Resulting in Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits"
      (PDF, 128 KB)  
  • 2011
    • IN 2011-09 "Fixed Gauge Shutter Failures Due to Operating in Harsh Working Environments"
      (PDF, 130 KB)
    • IN 2011-07 "Specific License Required when Exporting to Embargoed Destinations listed in 10 CFR 110.28
      (PDF, 168 KB)
  • 2009
    • IN 2009-18 "Performance Of Required Shutter Checks And Reporting Of Gauge Shutter Failures"
      (PDF, 32 KB)
    • IN 2009-17 "Reportable Medical Events involving Treatment Delivery Errors caused by Confusion of Units for the specification of Brachytherapy Sources"   
      (PDF, 32 KB)
    • IN 2009-15 "Varian Medical Systems Varisource High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Events: Source Retraction Problems"    
      (PDF, 144 KB)
    • IN 2009-05 "Contamination Events resulting from Damage to Sealed Radioactive Sources during gauge dismantlement and non-routine maintenance operations"
      (PDF, 86 KB)
  • 2008
    • IN 2008-22 "Molybdenum-99 Breakthrough in Molybdenum-99 / Technetium-99M Generators"
      (PDF, 91 KB)
    • IN 2008-03 "Precautions to Take Before Sharing Sensitive Security-related Information"
      (PDF, 118 KB)
  • 2007
    • IN 2007-38 "Ensuring Complete and Accurate Information in the Documentation of Training and Experience for Individuals seeking approval as Medical Authorized Users"
      (PDF, 120 KB)
    • IN 2007-25 "Suggestion from the Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes for Consideration to Improve Compliance with Sodium Iodide I-131 Written Directive Requirements in 10 CFR 35.40 and Supervision Requirements in 10 CFR 35.27"
      (PDF, 55.7 KB)
    • IN 2007-16 "Common Violations of the Increased Controls Requirements and Related Guidance Documents"   
      (PDF, 56 KB)
    • IN 2007-10 "Yttrium-90 Theraspheres® and Sirspheres® Impurities"  
      (PDF, 56 KB)
    • IN 2007-03 "Reportable Medical Events Involving Patients Receiving Dosages of Sodium Iodide Iodine-131 Less Than the Prescribed Dosage Because of Capsules Remaining in Vials After Administration"
      (PDF, 51 KB)
  • 2006
    • IN 2006-11 "Applicability of Patient Intervention in Determining Medical Events for Gamma Stereotactic radiosurgery and other therapy procedures"
      (PDF, 51 KB)
  • 2005
    • IN 2005-27 "Low-Dose-Rate Manual Brachytherapy - Equipment-Related Medical Events"
      (PDF, 488 KB)
    • IN 2005-10 "Changes to 10 CFR Part 71 Packages"
      (PDF, 31.4 KB)
  • 2004
    • IN 2004-13  "Registration, Use, and Quality Assurance Requirements for NRC-Certified Transportation Packages"
      (PDF, 90 KB)
    • IN 2004-02 "Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Calibration Values and Use"       
      (PDF, 68 KB)
    • IN 2004-02 "Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Calibration Values and Use"
      (PDF, 68 KB)
  • 2003
  • 2002
  • 2001

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Issue Summaries

  • 2013
    • RIS 2013-14 "Reporting Transactions involving Temporary Jobsites to the National Source Tracking System"  (PDF, 95 KB) 
    • RIS 2013-04 "Content Specification & Shielding evaluations for Type B Transportation Packages (PDF, 106 KB) 
    • RIS 2013-03  "Pre-application Communication & Scheduling for Medical Radioisotope facilities intending to produce Molybdenum-99  (PDF, 93.8 KB)  
  • 2008
    • RIS-08-31 "Licensing Requirements for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy"
      (PDF, 4 KB)
    • RIS-08-24 "Security Responsibilities of Service Providers and Client Licensees"
      (PDF, 1087 KB)
    • RIS-08-23 "The Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) Domestic Threat Reduction Program & Federally Funded Voluntary Security Enhancements for High Risk Radiological Material"
      (PDF, 229 KB)
    • RIS-08-17 "Voluntary Security Enhancements for Self-Contained Irradiators Containing Cesium Chloride sources"
      (PDF, 558 KB)
    • RIS-08-11 "Precautions to Protect Children who may come in Contact with Patients released after therapeutic Administration of Iodine-131"
      (PDF, 111 KB)
    • RIS-08-07 "Dose Limit for Patient Release Under 10 CFR 35.75"  
      (PDF, 79 KB)
  • 2007

    • RIS-07-28 "Security Requirements for Portable Gauges"  
      (PDF, 139 KB)
    • RIS-07-15 "Unescorted Access to Materials for Non-Manufacturer and Distributor Service Providers"
      (PDF, 99 KB)
    • RIS-07-14 "Fingerprinting requirements for Licensees implementing the Increased Control Order"
      (PDF, 79 KB)
  • 2006

    • RIS-06-26 "Training and Experience and Grandfather Provisions for Authorized Medical Physicists under 10 CFE Part 35"   
      (PDF, 57 KB)
    • RIS-06-19  "Availability of Guidance on Radioactive Seed Localization" 
      (PDF, 36 KB)
    • RIS-06-18 "Requesting Exemption from the Public Dose Limits for Certain Caregivers of Hospital Patients"
      (PDF, 59 KB)
  • 2005

    • RIS-05-24   "Control of Radiation Dose to Visitors of Hospital Patients"
      (PDF, 71 KB)
    • RIS-05-23 "Clarification of the Physical Presence Requirement During Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatments"  
      (PDF, 55 KB)
    • RIS-05-21 "Clarification of the Reporting Requirements in 10 CFR 20.2201"
      (PDF, 58 KB)
    • RIS-05-15 " Reporting Requirements for Damaged Industrial Radiographic Equipment"
      (PDF, 47 KB)
    • RIS-05-010 "Performance Based Approach for Associated Equipment in 10 CFR 34.20"
      (PDF, 73 KB)
    • RIS-05-006 "Reporting Requirements for Gauges Damaged at Temporary Job Sites"
      (PDF,  44 KB)
  • 2004

    • RIS-04-017 "Revised Decay-In-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waster Containing Byproduct Material" 
      (PDF, 63 KB)
    • RIS-04-001 "Method for Estimating Effective Dose Equivalent from external radiation sources using two Dosimeters"
      (PDF, 106 KB)

Wisconsin Information Notices

  • 2013-01 "Concerning FDA Approval of Ra-223 dichloride (Xofigo®)"  (PDF, 16 KB)
  • 2012-01 "Concerning the Source Collection and Threat Reduction (SCATR) Program"  (PDF, 45 KB)
  • 2010-02 "Concerning post implant verification of permanent brachytherapy procedures" (PDF, 50 KB)
  • 2010-01 "Reporting Requirements for Industrial Radiography" (FSME-10-019)  (PDF, 168 KB)
                                      NRC cover page to requirements  (PDF, 16 KB)
  • 2009-01 "Exemption from DHS 157 Requirements on Procurement and Transfer of Technetium-99m, and Calibration of Instrumentation Using Technetium-99m"   (PDF, 33 KB)
  • 2008-01 "Information notice concerning medical events caused by failure to properly perform tests on dose calibrators for beta- and low energy photon-emitting radionuclides"  (PDF, 21 KB)
  • 2007-01 "Information Notice providing clarification/ reminders of several 49 CFR Transportation requirements" (PDF, 28 KB) [revised 8/9/2011]
  • " - Revised: Microsphere Brachytherapy Sources and Devices" (PDF, 20 KB)
  • Transportation (May 2006) "DOT special permit for Troxler models" (PDF, 20 Kb)
  • Location (December 2005) " Information Notice concerning changing location of use or storage" (PDF, 38 KB)
  • MICK (June 2005) "Information Notice concerning MICK Applicators" (PDF, 38 KB)
  • Pd-103 (June 2001) "To Wisconsin Pd-103 Registrants"
    (PDF, 8 KB)

Wisconsin Regulatory Issue Summaries

  • 2011-01 "Update to Information Notice concerning post-implant verification of permanent brachytherapy procedures" (PDF, 59 KB)
  • 2010-01 "Shipping Requirements for Excepted Packages" (PDF, 89 KB)
  • 2006-01 "Control of security related sensitive unclassified non-safeguards information handled by individuals, firms, and entities subject to DHS regulation of the use of radioactive material" (PDF, 89 KB)
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