New X-Ray Facility Registration or Changes for Existing Facility Registrations

The Department of Health Services x-ray facility web registration can be reached by the link below.

8/20/20 Update: If you are unable to access the Initial Registration/Change form immediately, please check your browser's security settings.  Turn off the pop-up blocker and/or add to the list of Trusted Sites, exit the program, and return to the webpage.  If necessary, contact your IT department.

Users, you will need to complete the entire request or the registration will not be saved. All required fields must be completed. For help with filling out the forms, view our guide: "Using the DHS X-Ray Initial Registration/Change Form, P-02377." Note: There is no save feature for this form. If you do not complete the form before it times out, or if you leave the form before submitting it, all information will be lost.

If you have any questions, please email the Radiation Protection Section or call 608-267-4782.



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Last Revised: April 22, 2021