Mental Health Treatment Programs - DQA Numbered Memos

Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) Numbered Memos for mental health treatment programs are documents issued by the Division that deal with policies, information and interpretation of federal and state regulations and guidelines of the programs under the jurisdiction of DQA.

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Official Number Description Issue Datesort ascending Attachments Obsolete Date
14-005 Application Process for Out of State Trained Nurse Aides July 14, 2014
14-004 2013 Wisconsin Act 357 - Nurse Aide Training "Bridge" Program May 30, 2014
14-003 Regionalization Application Process for Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) May 12, 2014
13-020 Addendum to Division of Quality (DQA) Assurance Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program Branch Office Policy October 17, 2013
13-019 HIPAA Final Rule - Recommendations for Facility Compliance August 15, 2013
13-015 Notice of Branch Office Policy and Certification Fees for Multi-County Comprehensive Community Services and Multi-County Community Support Programs May 23, 2013
13-013 On-line Recertification Application Forms for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers May 8, 2013
13-008 Notice of Mandatory Requirement to Submit Four-Year Renewal of Licensee Background Check Information March 25, 2013
13-003 Expansion of the University Wisconsin Oshkosh Caregiver Project: Continuing Education for Caregivers Investigating and Reporting Allegations of Misconduct January 29, 2013
12-015 Requirements Regarding the Confidentiality and Proper Disposal of Health Care and Related Records August 22, 2012
12-011 e-SOD/e-POC Initiative, Provider Search Application, and Online Posting of SODs and POCs July 24, 2012
12-008 Heat Awareness June 20, 2012
11-026 Using Social Media Platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn October 24, 2011
11-022 US Department of Labor to Allow Limited Participation of Youths in Operation of Power-Driven Patient Lifts August 1, 2011
11-020 Heat Awareness July 20, 2011
11-017 Electronic Signatures on Health Care Documents June 6, 2011
11-014 Summary of the Division of Quality Assurance Provider Post-Survey Questionnaire May 16, 2011
11-005 Listing of Mental Health Practitioners using Individual Provider Status Confirmation Letters February 4, 2011
10-031 Email Encryption October 23, 2010
10-029 U.S. Department of Labor - Employment of Youth in the Health Care Industry October 19, 2010
10-026 Practices that are not to be used in Community Based Programs and Facilities September 21, 2010
10-024 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certificate of Waiver project announcement for 2011 and Web resources for CLIA September 9, 2010
10-022 Nationwide Egg Recall August 31, 2010
10-021 Healthiest Wisconsin 2020: Everyone Living Better, Longer August 11, 2010
10-007 Reporting Requirements Under § 457.25 (1), Stats. April 19, 2010
10-001 On-line Reporting of Seclusion and Restraint Incidents for Mental Health Day Treatment Services-DHS 40 January 5, 2010
09-050 Staffing of Facilities and Programs During a Pandemic December 2, 2009
09-041 Emergency Preparedness Resource Inventory Registration System Now Online October 26, 2009
09-040 For All Facilities Performing Tests on Human Specimens: CLIA Requirements October 2, 2009
09-038 Physician Assistant Prescribing Rule Changes September 10, 2009


Last Revised: January 22, 2015