The Pharmacy Newscapsule

The Pharmacy Newscapsule is a newsletter that is published regularly by the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). This newsletter is a means of providing up-to-date information to staff who survey health and residential facilities regulated by DQA.

The material is presented with a "surveyor focus"; however, the information has been informative and helpful to providers and others as well. Therefore, we are making copies of the newsletter available to you through this web site.

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DQA Pharmacy Newscapsules


November - December 14 (PDF, 44 KB)

May - June 14 (PDF, 35 KB)

September - October 14 (PDF, 59 KB)

January - February 14 (PDF, 31 KB)

March - April 14 (PDF, 45 KB)


September - October 13 (PDF, 55 KB)

November - December 13 (PDF, 28 KB)

May - June 13 (PDF, 182 KB)

July - August 13 (PDF, 30 KB)

January - February 13 (PDF, 236 KB)

March - April 13 (PDF, 41 KB)


September - October 12 (PDF, 32 KB)

November - December 12 (PDF, 204 KB)

May - June 12 (PDF, 103 KB)

July - August 12 (PDF, 44 KB)

January - February 12 (PDF, 40 KB)

March - April 12 (PDF, 53 KB)

Mail Order Pharmacy and Assisted Living (PDF, 12 KB)

BAL Medication Regimen Review Guide (PDF, 25 KB)

Pharmacy Q & A for Assisted Living (PDF, 63 KB)

Pharmacy Review Resources for Surveyors (PDF, 434 KB)

Disclaimer: Efforts are made to assure accurate information is contained in these newsletters, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The content in these newsletters is intended to be used as an informational tool by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Quality Assurance survey staff and is not intended as a directive to providers regarding care for patients or residents.

Please report any errors or comments to Doug Englebert.

Last Revised: December 29, 2014