WIC Vendor Applicants: Cash Register System Information

There are two different system types that are used to run eWIC transactions: stand-beside and integrated. Stores that do not have an electronic cash register (ECR) point-of-sale (POS) system or whose system does not support eWIC transaction processing will need to utilize a stand-beside device. Stores that do have an ECR POS system generally utilize an integrated system and must coordinate eWIC transaction processing through their cash register provider (reseller) and third-party processor.

Stand-Beside Devices

The Wisconsin WIC Program contracts with FIS (Fidelity National Information Services Inc.) to provide the stand-beside system device. FIS also acts as the third-party processor for eWIC transactions for those vendors using the stand-beside device. The stand-beside device is dual-enabled in Wisconsin to process WIC and SNAP transactions.

Any Wisconsin WIC authorized vendor using the stand-beside device must process WIC and SNAP on the FIS contracted device. FIS charges $52 per month per device. Along with the monthly lease of the device a transaction fee is assessed based on the table below:

Monthly Transactions and Fees
Monthly Transactions Monthly Transaction Fees
Transactions 1-100 $11 flat fee
Transactions 101-500 $0.10 per swipe
Transactions 501-1,000 $0.07 per swipe

Transactions 1,001 and above

$0.05 per swipe

FIS Merchant Services provides the only certified stand-beside SNAP device that is capable of running an eWIC transaction. Do not purchase any new equipment without first verifying that it is eWIC certified by calling the State WIC Office (SWO) at 608 266-6912.

Integrated Systems

Wisconsin WIC program contracts with CDP (Custom Data Processing) to work with cash register resellers to assure the store’s integrated cash register system is certified and tested prior to WIC authorization. Please contact the State WIC Office (SWO) at 608-266-6912 with any questions relating to ECR/POS eWIC readiness.

Vendors must demonstrate that their cash register system or payment device is WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) capable. This means the vendor equipment and software is able to accurately scan or enter WIC food item Universal Product Code/Price Lookup (UPC/PLU) codes, match them to the Approved Product List (APL), and determine if the WIC food balance in the participant's account is sufficient to purchase the item and calculate the amount of the transaction.

  • The electronic cash register system, if multi-functional (integrated), must do this while managing WIC and non-WIC items, the sales tax for non-WIC items, and a variety of promotions or discounts, when available.
  • All cashiers must know how to operate the cash register system and must have been trained on how to process WIC transactions.
  • The vendor must allow a participant to request a balance inquiry and print a receipt showing the current food balance available.
  • The vendor must provide each WIC customer with a cash register receipt, whether or not the customer requests one. The receipt must include the date, the total price, and the price of each item received by the WIC customer and the remaining food items the participant has available.
  • Use of self-checkout lanes must be authorized by the WIC Vendor and Integrity Unit.

There are two types of integrated systems available: PC-based “out-of-the-box” systems and electronic cash register (ECR) point-of-sale (POS) systems. These systems work with a third-party processor and the fees associated with those transactions are negotiated independently. To learn more about the integrated system costs and functionality, please contact the individuals and/or review the links listed below:

"Out-of-the-box" Systems

FTS Solutions
Contact: Gerry Ramirez
Phone: 866-477-1741/Email: sales@ftssol.com
Website: www.ftssol.com

Upfront Software
Contact: Andy Beaudet/Jim Brown
Phone: 207-712-0342/954-548-0277
Website: www.upfrontsoftware.com

Novo Dia Group
Phone: 888-312-2511
Website: https://www.novodiagroup.com/ebtonlysolution/


ECR POS Systems

North Country
Contact: Eric Wiltgen
Phone: 800-937-4140 ext. 11254

Contact: Joe Nackers
Phone: 920-284-2245
Website: www.ncbpinc.com

Retail Data Systems (RDS)
Contact: Bill Hughes
Phone: 262-896-2600
Website: www.rdspos.com

Mapping Product Information

To ensure WIC participants are able to fully use their fruit and vegetable benefit it is important that vendors work with system resellers to map fresh produce. Mapping produce involves assigning a universal PLU to store-packed produce items. For example, a store-packed package of discounted fresh fruit can be mapped to a universal PLU, resulting in the participant being able to purchase the produce using their WIC benefit.

Last Revised: March 9, 2020