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WIC: MyWIC App for Vendors

The Wisconsin MyWIC app is free and works for vendors, too!

Download the app to your Android or Apple device. Find it on the Google Play Store. Or get it on the Apple App Store.

You can use the MyWIC app to find out if an item is WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) program approved:

  1. Type the word VENDOR in the eWIC card number field.
  2. Scan the UPC (Universal Product Code) by centering the barcode in the rectangle. You do not need to click any buttons.

You can use the WIC Food Search and Scan UPC features of the app to:

  • Find out if a food that was denied in a purchase is WIC approved. See if it is in the Approved Products List. If it isn’t, and you think it should be, talk to your manager. Your manager can submit the UPC information to the state WIC office.
  • Help WIC shoppers find approved foods.
  • Help you put shelf talkers in the right spots.
  • Scan UPCs of foods in your store to see if they are part of the WIC Approved Products List.


Last revised June 15, 2022