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WIC: Forms and Publications for Authorized Vendors

If you are a vendor, these forms may be helpful to you. You’ll find information here such as:

  • The approved foods list for the WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) program.
  • Foods you need to carry in your store if you are a vendor.
  • How to order the forms we offer.

Minimum Stock Requirements, P-00371 (PDF)
Use this list to know the minimum amounts of WIC foods that should be kept in stock at WIC grocery stores.

New UPC Submission Request, F-001473 (Word)
Use this form if you need a new UPC added to the WIC Approved Product List (APL).

Retail Vendor Application Amendment, F-40108 (PDF)
Use this form to let WIC know if you change a name, location, management, or corporate officers.

Stock Price Survey, F-44621 (PDF)
This form is used to document the prices of WIC approved foods. Fill it out when you apply to be a vendor.

Vendor/Participant Complaint, F-44322 (PDF)
Use this form to make a complaint against WIC participants or vendors.

WIC Approved Food Booklet, P-44578 (PDF)
Find a list of all WIC approved foods here.

WIC Vendor Forms/Publication Request, F-44444 (Word)
Use this form to order WIC forms.

WIC Vendor Manual, P-44537 (PDF)
Use this manual as a resource for how to follow the WIC program requirements.

Wisconsin Authorized Infant Formula Suppliers, P-40146 (PDF)
Use this list to find authorized infant formula suppliers. Wisconsin WIC vendors must purchase infant formula from an authorized supplier.

WIC regulations

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 149
Read the Wisconsin Administrative Code regulating Wisconsin WIC program.

Wisconsin Stat. § 253.06
Read the Wisconsin state statute regulating Wisconsin WIC program.

Title 7 CFR Part 246.12
The U.S. Department of Agriculture/Food and Nutrition Services has federal rules to regulate the WIC program. Read that here.

Last revised June 15, 2022