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Birth to 3 Program: First 1,000 Days Wisconsin Child Find Campaign

At the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), we want every caregiver of a child with a delay or disability to:

  • Know about the Birth to 3 Program.
  • Understand how early intervention can help.
  • Know how to access the program.

DHS started the First 1,000 Days Wisconsin Child Find Campaign in spring 2021. It launched along with a media toolkit. Local county programs, providers, and others can use the toolkit. If you work with young children, use these materials to help families learn about the Birth to 3 Program.

Many of these materials can be printed and ordered for free. You’ll also find ideas for how and where to use the materials.

Questions or suggestions? Email us at

Media toolkit

DHS has ready-to-use materials to promote the Birth to 3 Program. They can help you explain the program to families.

Select the links below. You can view the materials and find out how to order free prints.

Two children sitting on a person's lap with another person discussing an issue

Information for families

Help families learn about child development, early signs of delays and disabilities, and the benefits of the Birth to 3 Program.

Materials include:

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletter articles
  • Web ads
  • And more
A smiling doctor holds a smiling child.

Information for health and child care professionals

Are you a health or child care professional? Do you work with children? These materials can help you understand your role in the Birth to 3 Program referral network. You’ll also learn more about how the program works for families.

Materials include:

  • Tip sheets
  • Conversation checklists
  • Newsletter articles

Local county Birth to 3 Program Child Find resources

Each local Birth to 3 Program must develop a comprehensive child find system to ensure that all eligible infants and toddlers are identified and referred to the program.

DHS created a series of resources to aid local programs in increasing their outreach efforts to identify all eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities earlier and increase referrals to the Birth to 3 Program. The description and links to the resources are below.

Child Find Outreach Resource: Comprehensive Child Find Checklist, P-03548 (PDF)

Outreach resources

According to federal law, Part C programs are responsible for identifying, locating, and referring eligible infants and toddlers:

  • Residing on reservations.
  • Directly affected by substance exposure.
  • Experiencing homelessness.

Child Find outreach resources are available to assist programs in their outreach efforts to ensure equitable access and participation in Birth to 3 Program services.

Child Find Outreach Resource: For Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness, P-03548A (PDF)
Child Find Outreach Resource: For Children and Families Exposed to Substance Use, P-03548B (PDF)
Child Find Outreach Resource: For Children and Families Residing On and Off Reservations, P-03548C (PDF)

Input sessions

DHS has held a few input sessions to learn how our children’s disability programs can better serve all communities and to explore opportunities for partnerships with community agencies.

2022: Diversity and equity conversations

In May 2022, DHS hosted diversity and equity conversations. Community agencies and families of diverse background shared thoughts, ideas, and experiences. See what families and community organizations shared—Children’s Disability Programs Diversity and Equity Conversations Community Agency and Family Input Sessions Summary, P-03296.

2021: Sharing family experiences

DHS hosted two online family input sessions in March of 2021. Families were able to learn about the Birth to 3 Program, learn about the outreach campaign, and share their thoughts and ideas. See what families shared—Birth to 3 Program Family Input Session Summary, P-02954.

Last revised December 6, 2023