Birth to 3 Program: Program Participation System

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and Department of Health Services (DHS) have partnered to create a web-based software application for Birth to 3 providers and their personnel called the Program Participation System (PPS). To help understand how the software works, there are also webinars which can be viewed at your convenience along with supporting notes and manuals. Prior to viewing the webinars below, we suggest that you print the corresponding PowerPoint presentation or notes.

Birth to 3 Module Webinars

The Birth to 3 Module webinars have three parts. Part 1 provides an overview of the system and how to obtain your WAMS ID. Part 2 reviews the training and production environments and highlights the system's screens and reporting tools. Part 3 demonstrates how to enter a child into PPS, search for a child in PPS, update a child?s service plan, record Transition Planning Conference details, refer a child to your Local Education Agency (LEA), access reports, and track your county indicators.

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Security Coordinator Webinars

Each Birth to 3 Program and LEA has a designated Security Coordinator. The Security Coordinator is authorized to grant access to people in their organization to PPS. The following two webinars cover how to obtain a WAMS ID and register to use PPS as the Security Coordinator, as well as how to set up additional users.

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User Guide

In addition to the notes for the webinars above, you can also use the following user guide to help you as your learn PPS.

Program Participation System (PPS) User Guide, P-02344 (PDF)

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Training Environment

Access the training environment and practice with the PPS system as you learn how to use it here.

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Consent Form

The Consent for Referral and Exchange of Information with the Local Education Agency is a release form that will assist Birth to 3 programs in informing parents of the types of information they would like to share with the LEA and correctly document in the PPS system. The Parent/Guardian explanation of B-3 Authorization for Information document is to share with families. It gives them information about the form and its uses. The Service Coordinator Guidance document gives suggestions on how to describe the form to the family and complete it in PPS.

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Audiology Referrals

The WE-TRAC database system, which audiologists use to document information about children tested for hearing loss, is now making referrals to the local Birth to 3 Program through PPS.

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Last Revised: February 8, 2019