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Birth to 3 Program: Program Participation System

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Department of Health Services partnered to create the Program Participation System (PPS). This is a web-based software application. It was developed so all county Birth to 3 programs could record and store enrollment, transition, and outcome data electronically.

User guide

The PPS user guide can help you learn to use PPS.

Program Participation System (PPS) User Guide, P-02344 (PDF)

Security Coordinator Training

Each county Birth to 3 Program has a designated security officer. The security officer is responsible for granting and removing access to all PPS users within their county Birth to 3 Program.

The following presentation shows how you can get a Web Access Management System ID and register to use PPS as the security coordinator. It also shows how you can set up additional users.

Program Participation System (PPS) Security Officer (SO) Directions (PDF)

Training environment

Get more practice using the PPS system. You can access the PPS training environment and practice using the system.

Useful forms

Consent for Referral and Exchange of Information with the Local Education Agency, F-21336
This is a release form. It will help Birth to 3 Programs let parents know about the types of information they would like to share with the local education agency.

Parent/Guardian Explanation of B-3 Authorization for Information (PDF)
This form should be shared with families. It gives them information about the form and its uses.

Service Coordinator Guidance (PDF)
This document gives ideas on how to describe the form to the family and how to complete it in PPS.

Audiology referrals

Audiologists use the WE-TRAC database system to track information about children tested for hearing loss. WE-TRAC now makes referrals to the local Birth to 3 Program through PPS. Learn more: WE-TRAC Referral Process Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Last revised July 18, 2022