Feeding Assistant Program: Caregiver Misconduct Reporting Requirements

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Wisconsin's Caregiver Law, implemented in October 1998, requires all DQA-regulated entities to report allegations of misconduct (abuse or neglect of a client, or misappropriation of a client's property) regarding any caregiver:

  • who is an employee of or contractor with the facility and 
  • who has regular, direct contact with clients.

Feeding assistants meet Wisconsin's definition of a caregiver and allegations involving a feeding assistant are subject to the caregiver misconduct reporting requirements.

See Chapter 6 of the Wisconsin Caregiver Program Manual, P00038 (PDF) for information on reporting employee misconduct.

The name of any noncredentialed caregiver (including a feeding assistant), with a substantiated finding of misconduct will be entered on the Wisconsin Caregiver Misconduct Registry.

Last Revised: February 27, 2019