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Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program: Information for Providers

CLTS providers change lives

Family on a wooden path

Nora, 8, loves being at home with her parents, three brothers, and friends. She enjoys being read to and turning the pages and repeats rhythms and gestures as she listens to music. But getting around the house was hard in her wheelchair. So, her support and service coordinator helped find registered CLTS providers who could help remodel the house to be more accessible.

“The entire process was really stress free.” – Nora’s mom

“The ramp is perfect. [Beckman Builders] also remodeled our bathroom and replaced multiple doors.

“The entire process was really stress-free.

“With the ramp, Nora is able to push herself in and out of the house. It was a very large need for her as she gained the ability to push herself in her wheelchair. CLTS and Beckman Builders made that happen.”

“The best part is helping children access their home.” – Karl, owner of Beckman Builders

Child in wheelchair using the ramp into a home

“I have a special needs son and understand what it means to be a parent of a special needs child. I know that sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions to help daily activities run smoother.

“I, like many remodelers, am extremely busy, but I try to save a few spots in our schedule to help families in this program. I hear all too often that families can’t find people to help with their projects, and I understand how important these projects are for the safety of the children and the stress level of the family.

“The best part of being a CLTS provider is helping children access their home, and that we’re able to help provide that safe space to keep children in the home instead of them needing to live in another location.”

Has your family had a great experience with a CLTS provider? Email us at to tell your story.

Below is information for providers on program policies, procedures, initiatives, and rates. You can also sign up for the Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) provider email list to receive updates on provider-related information.

What is a CLTS provider?

Learn who can deliver services under the CLTS Program and the types of services, supports, and supplies that can be provided.

How do I become a CLTS provider?

Learn how to register and to begin delivering services to participants covered under the CLTS Program.

How much will I be paid?

Learn about the CLTS rates and payments.

How do I get paid?

Learn about authorizations, claim payment processes and procedures.

How do I stay up to date about the CLTS Program?

Access provider bulletins, memos, and other updates regarding the CLTS Program.

Last revised May 18, 2023