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Children’s Long-Term Support: How to Apply

To apply for the Children’s Long-Term Support Program:

  1. Contact the county health and human services agency near you. Let them know you are interested in services for your child. They will help you with next steps!
  2. Work with the county health and human services agency to complete these steps to enroll in the Children’s Long-Term Support Program: 
    1. Fill out an application.
    2. Plan a home visit. A professional from the county health and human services agency will meet with you and your child at home. This person is called a support and service coordinator (SSC). The SSC will want to learn about your child and family by asking questions and talking with you both. The SSC also might reach out to others, like health care providers.
    3. Determine your child’s care needs. The SSC uses an online tool. It helps find out whether a child is eligible for the program
    4. Find out the disability status of your child.
  3. Stay connected to the SSC. If eligible, the county health and human services agency will enroll your child.

To learn more, view Children’s Programs Eligibility and Functional Screen, P-03061.

Last revised May 20, 2022