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Children’s Long-Term Support: Program Information for Families

Do you have questions about how the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency affects you? Our Q&As can help explain what it means for CLTS participants and their families.

The Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program helps children with disabilities and their families through supports and services that help children grow and live their best lives in their home and community.

We know that parents and caregivers may need extra support. Working with you, the program helps your child get what they need. Learn more about the program and find family resources on this page.

Apply for the CLTS Program

Your team

When you enroll in CLTS, you work with a team. The team includes:

  • Your child.
  • Your family (parents, caregivers) and others you want to be involved.
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).
  • The county health and human services agency near you.
  • Your child’s provider(s).

The team helps you apply for and get the right supports and services. Everyone works to support your child with their needs. Each member plays a role:


DHS supports the program at the state level. We work with county agencies in all 72 counties. State teams help provide information and support to families, county programs, and community partners.

Find the DHS staff member assigned to your county. Use the Children and Family Program Specialist Assignment Map, P-00996 (PDF).

Your county agency

All counties in Wisconsin have a county health and human services agency. The local county agency works directly with families in the CLTS Program. They connect you with a support and service coordinator (SSC). This person is your one-on-one partner and main contact. They can help you:


The CLTS Program pays providers that help children with disabilities and their families. Providers work with children and families to help them meet their goals. View a list of the CLTS-covered services.

Search for a provider using the provider directory. After you find a provider, talk to the SSC. They can tell you more about how to get services from that provider.

Deciding together

Illustration of a diverse family

We know that you’re the expert on your life. This means you should lead decisions about what will best support your family and child. Deciding Together is a team approach to help find the right supports and services for your family and child.

Team members will use Deciding Together to learn more about your child and family and how to best support. All decisions made about your child’s supports and services should be based on your family's and child’s unique needs and goals identified through the Deciding Together approach.

View the Deciding Together Guide, P-02246, and Deciding Together Guide: What It Is and What It Isn’t, P-02246C, to learn more.

Your rights

Families who are in the CLTS Program have rights that help each child receive supports and services fairly. You have the right to:

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New to the program?

We have pages on our website that explain:

View the Welcome to the Children’s Long-Term Support Program, P-03010. It’s a guide for new families.

Helpful files

These files have more details about the program:

Family newsletter

All in for Kids November 2019



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  • Find issues of the All in for Kids: CLTS Family Newsletter from 2023,2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019.
  • Find issues of the All in for Kids: A Birth to 3 Program Family Newsletter from 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020.

Ways to get more involved

Want to be more active in the program?

Our partners

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Last revised May 10, 2023