COVID-19: Information for Health Care Programs

Keeping you covered

COVID-19 temporary policies continue for now

A family of three cuddle together on a couch.During COVID-19, Wisconsin worked with the federal government to put temporary policies in place for BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid programs to protect our members’ health and safety. One of those changes has allowed you to keep your coverage without renewing. Those temporary policies are still in effect—we'll let you know when that changes.

This affects members in the following BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid programs:

  • BadgerCare Plus
  • Emergency Services Medicaid
  • Family Planning Only Services
  • Foster Care Medicaid
  • Institutional Medicaid
  • Katie Beckett Medicaid
  • Medicaid Purchase Plan
  • SeniorCare
  • Supplemental Security Income Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income-Related Medicaid
  • Tuberculosis-Related Medicaid
  • Waiver Medicaid
  • Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid

What you need to know

Your coverage through BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid is continuing, keep using it! The temporary policies that have allowed you to keep your coverage without renewing since March 2020 are still in use today. We will let you know when it's time to take action to keep your healthcare benefits.

What you need to do now

  • Update your address, phone, and email in our records so we can reach you with important updates about your coverage. Log in at the ACCESS website, the MyACCESS app, or call: 
    • Your agency—BadgerCare Plus, Emergency Services Medicaid, Family Planning Only Services, Institutional Medicaid, Medicaid Purchase Plan, Supplemental Security Income-Related Medicaid, Tuberculosis-Related Medicaid, Waiver Medicaid
    • ForwardHealth Member Services at 800-362-3002—Foster Care Medicaid
    • Katie Beckett Medicaid at 888-786-3246
    • SeniorCare Customer Service Hotline at 800-657-2038
    • State SSI Unit at 800-362-3002
    • Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid at 608-266-1720
  • Download the MyACCESS app and turn on push notifications. Downloading MyACCESS allows you to keep track of your benefits anytime and anywhere. Turning on push notifications will make it easier for you to know when you need to submit documents, renew your benefits, etc.

  • Watch for email and texts from us. We'll be sending you texts and emails about renewing your BadgerCare Plus benefits when the temporary policies end. Be sure that we have your most current phone number from a device that has messaging capabilities so that we can reach you.

Questions and answers

Do I still have coverage?

Yes! If you've been on Medicaid since at least March of 2020, you still have coverage. You will continue to have healthcare coverage without needing to renew it until we tell you otherwise.

I haven't done anything to keep my Medicaid coverage, do I still have it?

Yes, you'll still have BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid benefits without needing to renew until we tell you otherwise.

Who makes the decision when the temporary policies are over?

The federal government will decide when the COVID-19 temporary policies end. Once we hear from them, we’ll pass along the news to you.

When the temporary policies ends, what will happen to my coverage?

The most important thing to know is that before we change your health care benefits, we will ask for an update on your current situation. Based on your status, we will see if you can still be part of BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid. If not, we are working with partners across the state who can help you find other coverage. Our goal is to keep our members covered by health insurance when the COVID-19 temporary policies end.

Have there been any changes to BadgerCare Plus? 

As of April 2020, we are not charging BadgerCare Plus children monthly premiums. We will send you a letter to let you know when you need to start paying premiums again.

As of February 2020, we are not charging BadgerCare Plus childless adults monthly premiums. We will send you a letter to let you know when you need to start paying premiums again. Your ACCESS account will show a $0 charge for the months we are not charging premiums. Also, we are not requiring BadgerCare Plus childless adults to answer the treatment needs question at this time. You may still need to answer the question when you next renew your benefits after the COVID-19 temporary policies end.

What is happening with the work requirement and premiums for the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

The work requirement for the Medicaid Purchase Plan is temporarily suspended. Until the COVID-19 temporary policies end, you will not lose your Medicaid Purchase Plan benefits because you are not working. We will send you a letter to let you know when you need to start meeting work requirements again. 

Also, monthly premiums are not being charged to Medicaid Purchase Plan members during COVID-19. We will send you a letter to let you know when you need to start paying premiums again. 

In the meantime, you must let your agency know about any changes to your income, assets, medical expenses, number of people in your household, or job within 10 days of the change. You can report changes online through the ACCESS website or by calling your agency.

Last Revised: November 17, 2022

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