COVID-19: Vaccine Partner Resources

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The COVID-19 vaccination program is one of the largest and most complex public health initiatives in Wisconsin’s history. We are committed to the safe, quick, and equitable distribution of the vaccine, and recognize that public education and community outreach is vital to our vaccination efforts. Our community partners across the state are critical to the success of this program.

This page is designed to equip our partners with the tools, resources, and information they need to protect their communities and promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence. We encourage our partners to share, use, or adapt these materials to best serve the needs of their community. Most resources will be available in multiple languages.

We will continue to update resources and more information as the COVID-19 vaccination program continues to expand.

Handouts to print and distributed

Information for employers

COVID-19 Vaccine Employer, P-02921
COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Fact Sheet for Employers

Options for getting your COVID-19 vaccination
Options for Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccination, P-02914

Vaccine confidence

Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine, P-02891
Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine, P-02891
English | Hindi | Hmong | Somali | Spanish

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety P02872
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, P-02872
English | Chinese | Hindi | Hmong | Somali | Spanish


How our bodies respond to the COVID-19 vaccine
How Our Bodies Respond to the COVID-19 Vaccine, P-02941
English | Hindi | Hmong | Somali | Spanish

How are COVID-19 Vaccines Authorized?
How Are COVID-19 Vaccines Authorized?, P-02940
English | Hindi | Hmong | Somali | Spanish


COVID-19 Vaccine How do vaccines work? P-02945
COVID-19 Vaccine, P-02945

Available COVID-19 Vaccines P-02946
Available COVID-19 Vaccines, P-02946

Additional resources

Training in COVID-19 vaccine communication

Is your organization promoting COVID-19 vaccine confidence in your community? We offer in-depth trainings and a tailored presentation to partners about the Vaccine Communication Framework. Our goal is to give the trusted voices in the community the information and resources they need to feel confident about educating their communities. For more information, please email our vaccine team.

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CDC toolkits

  • Social media toolkit
  • COVID-19 vaccination toolkits
    • Medical Centers, Clinics, Pharmacies, and Clinicians
    • Healthcare Professionals and Pharmacists
    • LTCF Administrators and Leadership
    • Employers of Essential Workers
    • Staff of Organizations Serving Communities

Additional resources

Last Revised: April 5, 2021