Topics S

Topics S:


state agency


Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems. See also WiSACWIS.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of PHS in HHS.




State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, Governor's council established under s. 14.017(2), Wis. Stats.; staffed by DHS.


Senior Energy Aides; outreach program to reach older adults with offers of energy assistance and weatherization.

Secondary Grant

A grant made from a grant received; usually funds made available by the Department to a local service provider for a particular project from funds provided to the Department by a Federal government agency.

Section 504

of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; prohibits discrimination in service delivery and employment based on handicap.


Severely emotionally disabled, in reference to a child.

Session Law

An act of the State Legislature; equivalent to a public law (PL) enacted by Congress.

Sexual Predator Law

Chapter 980, Wisconsin Statutes.


State fiscal year, July 1 to June 30.


Sustainable Growth Rate


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Single Audit

A comprehensive financial and compliance audit pursuant to OMB Circular A-128 of a county receiving federal funds through the Department; reviewed by Department audit staff.


Service Level Agreement


Special Managed Care Programs


Subject Matter Expert


Services for Multiply Impaired Children, a unit at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.


Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program


Skilled nursing facility; a federal Titles XVIII and XIX certification term and state licensing term for long-term care facilities that provide care to residents who no longer need the type of care and treatment provided in a hospital but do require some medical attention and continuous skilled nursing observation.


Secretary's Office


statement of deficiency (federal)


state operations manual (CMS)


State Plan Amendment

Spousal Impoverishment Law

Refers to 49.455, Wisconsin Statutes, which is designed to prevent the impoverishment of the noninstitutionalized spouse of an institutionalized Medicaid recipient by reserving part of the couple's income and resources for the support of the spouse who is not institutionalized.


Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Facility. A secure treatment facility in Mauston, WI., providing specialized treatment services for persons committed under Wisconsin's sexually violent persons law, Chapter 980, Wisconsin Statutes.


Social Security Administration in HHS.


Social Services Block Grant. A federal grant which provides funds to states for a variety of social services, and which in turn is distributed by the Department on a formula basis to counties which provide or purchase these services for people who need them.


County social services departments; these administer public assistance and social service programs; same as DSS, CSSD.


Social Security Disability Insurance.


Supplemental Security Income; a federal government income support program for aged, blind and disabled persons; checks are distributed by the federal government; monthly grant includes a state supplement amounting to over 20%.


The state's extra supplement to SSI payments made in recognition of exceptional expenses and available to persons who live in licensed or certified residential care settings or who live at home but receive a high level of supportive services.


social security number

State Building Code

Chapters Comm 50 to 64 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

State Health Plan

Healthiest Wisconsin 2010: A Partnership Plan to Improve the Health of the Public (the state health plan required by s. 250.07, Wis. Stats.).

State Plan

Usually refers to a document prepared by the Department as a condition for receipt of Federal funds; often a compliance document or a record of policy and procedure.

Statement of Scope

For proposed administrative rules. Required since April 1, 1996 under s. 227.135, Stats.

Statewide Bed Limit

The maximum number of nursing home and FDD beds which may be licensed in the state. Established biennially by the Legislature under s. 150.31, Wis. Stats., with adjustments made by the Department under ch. HSS 122 rules.


Short-Term Assessment and Treatment Services. A unit for children and adolescents at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.


Sexually Transmitted Disease; term for Venereal Disease (VD).


A pay increment within a pay range. A range consists of several steps.


Specialized Treatment for the Exceptional Person; an adult behavior modification treatment unit at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.


Specialized Treatment for the Exceptional Person; an adult behavior modification treatment unit at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.

Sum Certain

An appropriation providing funding up to but not exceeding a certain amount.

Sum Sufficient

An appropriation providing whatever level of funding is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it was made.

Supported Employment

A VR program which provides supplemental funding to pay for on-the-job skill training and ongoing support services up to 18 months for severely handicapped clients who are placed in jobs and need ongoing training and support services to perform in those jobs.

Supportive Home Care

Care provided to elderly and disabled persons residing in their own homes; consists of assistance with daily living needs, including household care and personal care.


Southern Wisconsin Center, a DHS residential facility for developmentally disabled persons near Union Grove.