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Acronym Glossary

Acronyms are often used by public and private agencies as timesaving, shorthand ways to communicate lengthy titles or basic concepts. This glossary provides a quick reference to the terms, acronyms and abbreviations commonly used by this Department.

Topics N

  • NA

    nursing assistant/nurse aide


    The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is the Washington, DC-based organization representing local public health departments in the U.S.

  • NAMD

    National Association of Medicaid Directors

  • NAR

    Nurse Aide Registry


    National Association of State Units on Aging and Disabilities.


    nurse aide training and competency evaluation program


    National Council for Prescription Drug Programs

  • NEMT

    Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  • NF

    Nursing Facility

  • NFB

    National Federation of the Blind.

  • NFPA

    National Fire Protection Association.

  • NH

    nursing home

  • NHA

    nursing home administrator

  • NIA

    National Institute on Aging.

  • NICU

    Neonatal Infant Care Unit, in a hospital.

  • NIH

    National Institutes of Health, a division of HHS; includes 17 research institutes and the National Library of Medicine.

  • NLTC

    Non-long term care

  • NOV

    Notice of violation, in nursing home regulation.

  • NP

    nurse practitioner

  • NSF

    National Sanitation Foundation.

  • Nurse Aide Registry

    The Department's record of qualified nurse assistants who work in hospitals or nursing homes, home health aides and hospice aides. These have successfully completed training and testing or are otherwise eligible to be included in the registry. Also a source of information for prospective employers about any finding that an aide when employed elsewhere abused or neglected a patient or resident or misappropriated a patient's or resident's property. Registry is operated by Department under ch. HSS 129 rules (qualifications part) and ch. HFS 13 rules (misconduct part).

  • Nursing Home

    A place which provides 24 hour services including board and room to 3 or more unrelated residents who because of their mental or physical condition require nursing care. Nursing homes are licensed by DHS under ch. HFS 132 Adm. Codes.

  • NWC

    Northern Wisconsin Center, a DHS residential facility for developmentally disabled persons near Chippewa Falls.


Last revised February 14, 2024