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Acronym Glossary

Acronyms are often used by public and private agencies as timesaving, shorthand ways to communicate lengthy titles or basic concepts. This glossary provides a quick reference to the terms, acronyms and abbreviations commonly used by this Department.

Topics I

  • I&A

    Information and assistance

  • I&R

    Information and referral.

  • iC


  • ICD

    International Classification of Diseases

  • ICD-9-CM

    International Classification of Diseases, 9th edition, Clinical Modification.

  • ICF

    Intermediate Care Facility

  • ICU

    Intensive Care Unit; a treatment unit within most hospitals which care for patients with critical or emergency conditions. 

  • IDEA

    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

  • IDP

    Intoxicated Driver Program

  • IM

    Income Maintenance; a federal program which helps provide supplemental income for households within a certain income threshold.  

  • IMAC

    Income Maintenance Advisory Committee; a committee which reviews and discusses developments in policy, quality, and systems related to Income Maintenance (IM).  

  • IMD

    Institution for mental disease.

  • Independent Living Center

    An agency that provides or arranges for services to help severely disabled individuals live as independently as possible.

  • Indirect Services

    Services to people provided by the Department through various public and private agencies under aid formulas, purchase agreements or contracts.

  • IOC

    Inspection of Care

  • IRB

    Institutional review board, for protection of human subjects of research. Required by 42 CFR 46 in every institution and agency conducting research involving human subjects with HHS funds.

  • ISN

    intensive skilled nursing

  • ISP

    Information Systems Plan. Each DHS division's plan/budget for data processing for a given fiscal year.

  • IT

    Information technology.

  • ITF

    Inpatient treatment facility.

Last revised February 14, 2024