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Acronym Glossary

Acronyms are often used by public and private agencies as timesaving, shorthand ways to communicate lengthy titles or basic concepts. This glossary provides a quick reference to the terms, acronyms and abbreviations commonly used by this Department.

Topics H

  • Halfway House

    A short-term living environment intended for people leaving residential institutions. A halfway house is intended for people who might face difficulties adjusting to living in a larger community.

  • Handicapped-Accessible

    This term describes buildings, rooms, and restrooms which are accessible to people with disabilities. There are specific requirements that buildings and rooms must meet to be considered handicapped-accessible.

  • HAR

    Hiring action report; a personnel form filled out by a supervisor to notify the Department personnel office that someone has accepted a position and will begin work on a certain date.
  • HC

    Health Care

  • HCBS

    Home and community-based services.

  • HCEs

    Health Care Efficiencies


    Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

  • HDHP

    High Deductible Health Plan

  • Health Care Agent

    A person that a patient designates to make health care decisions on their behalf. This is done according to ch. 155, Stats., Power of Attorney for Health Care.

  • HealthCheck

    A Medicaid health care benefit especially created for young people.

  • Healthiest Wisconsin 2010

    Healthiest Wisconsin 2010: A Partnership Plan to Improve the Health of the Public (the state health plan required by s. 250.07, Wis. Stats.).
  • HEDI

    Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council

  • HHA

    Home health agency.

  • HHS

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, PL 104-191.

  • HIV

    Human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS.

  • Hospice

    A residential or nonresidential program that provides care to persons who are dying, with the care provided not being directed at a cure of the individual but rather at lessening pain and other physical symptoms, with the provision of various kinds of support to the individual and the individual's family. Hospices are licensed by DHS under ch. HSS 131 Adm. Codes.

  • HPSA

    Health Professional Shortage Area. A category indicating a significant shortage of health providers in the service area and in surrounding areas. It is measured by a population to provider ratio.

  • HSD

    County human services department established under s. 46.23, Wisconsin Statutes, through a merger of the county social services department, the county department of community programs established under s. 51.42, Wisconsin Statutes, and other county human service agencies.

  • HSRS

    Human Services Reporting System

  • HSS

    Health Services Section (DQA)

  • HTF

    Hunger Task Force

Last revised February 14, 2024