Healthy Birth Outcomes - Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities

Female toddler standing with support from an adult.

Elimination of health disparities is an overarching goal of the state health plans, Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 and Healthiest Wisconsin 2020. One of the more striking health disparities in Wisconsin is the persistent high death rate of infants born to African American women. Infants born to African American women in Wisconsin are nearly 3 times as likely to die before their first birthday as infants born to white women. Further, during the past 20 years, little decline has occurred in Wisconsin’s African American infant mortality rate. Compared to birth outcomes for white mothers, disparities also exist among American Indian, Laotion and Hmong, and Hispanic/Latino populations, although these disparities are smaller than those of African Americans.

This site will be updated as this initiative progresses. Check back often for information for health care providers, researchers and the public on how to achieve healthy births for all Wisconsin families.

Last Revised: June 19, 2017