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Advancing Equity in Maternal and Child Health Grant Program

Current funding opportunities available

Advancing Equity in Adolescent Health: Evidence-based sexuality education in community-based organizations

The Department of Health Services (DHS) is seeking one to three statewide partnerships to implement evidence-based after-school programs (EBPs) with priority youth in Wisconsin (ages 10–24) to address health disparities and provide youth with the knowledge, skills, and supports they need to thrive. Implementation must occur in community-based after-school settings. Applications are due October 31, 2023.

Advancing Equity in Adolescent Health: Evidence-based sexuality education in child welfare settings

This funding opportunity is seeking partners to implement evidence-based sexuality education programming for youth in child welfare settings (including child protection and youth justice). These partners will be agencies across Wisconsin that serve youth in various youth serving settings, including community-based programs for youth involved in or at risk of involvement in child protective services (CPS) or youth justice (YJ); out-of-home care providers (including residential care centers, group homes, and juvenile detention centers); and agencies who provide youth comprehensive community services (CCS). Agencies may subcontract with other organizations to provide programming. Applications are due October 31, 2023.

Advancing Equity in Adolescent Health: Evidence-based sexuality education in schools

The third funding opportunity is to support local education agencies (LEA) in implementing sexual and reproductive health programming for youth in school during the school day. Public, charter, and private schools, local education agencies, and school districts are invited to apply for this funding. Schools may apply individually, or cooperatively as a group of interested schools with one agency serving as fiscal agent. Additionally, organizations which plan to serve schools may apply for these funds (local health departments, non-profits, etc.), but should secure commitment from proposed schools prior to application. Applications are due October 31, 2023.

Award information

The following organizations have been offered funding to support Maternal and Child Health initiatives in Wisconsin. This program is made possible with both ARPA and Title V funds provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that are dedicated to improving maternal and child health outcomes.

Indigenous Birth Services

Culturally specific childbirth education
$100,000 (ARPA)

Midwifery Services LLC, Ashland Birth Center

Improving cultural responsiveness of perinatal care
$250,000 (ARPA)

Wisconsin Doulas Association, Inc.

Training and education, and doula capacity building
$150,000 (ARPA)

Allied Wellness Center

Community health workers
$150,000 (ARPA)

Amery Regional Center Foundation

Newborn telehealth
$70,000 (ARPA)

Doulaing the Doula

Doula workforce development
$47,160 (ARPA)

Public Health Madison Dane County

Maternal Mortality and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review action teams
$50,000 (ARPA)

Roots4Change Cooperative

Community power building
$381,370 (ARPA)

Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health

Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH)
$275,000 (Title V)

Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care

Data equity mapping
$200,000 (Title V)

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Technical assistance for community-based organizations
$300,000 (ARPA)

Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality, LLC

Health care system coordination to prevent maternal mortality and morbidity; childhood immunization catch-up
$224,000 (ARPA)
$175,000 (Title V)

Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation

Substance use cessation
$150,000 (ARPA)

Eau Claire City County Health Department

Child health systems mapping
Eau Claire
$465,000 (Title V)

African American Breastfeeding Network

WeRISE doula program
$300,000 (ARPA)

Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc. (Aurora Sinai Medical Center)

Safe Mom Safe Baby program
$103,500 (ARPA)

Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin

Child food insecurity; Maternal Mortality and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review action teams
$190,000 (ARPA)
$50,000 (Title V)

Dignity With Departure

Infant loss grief and bereavement
$135,000 (ARPA)

Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin

Mobile clinic
$350,000 (ARPA)

Medical College of Wisconsin—The Periscope Project

Perinatal psychiatric consultation program
$435,000 (ARPA)

Moms Mental Health Initiative

Support systems for perinatal mental health
$135,000 (ARPA)

Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective

Doula workforce development
$413,480 (ARPA)

ABC for Rural Health, Inc.

Health benefits check-ups
$150,000 (Title V)

Rock County Public Health

Maternal Mortality and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review action teams
$50,000 (ARPA)

Waking Women Healing Institute

Culturally specific perinatal education and services
$100,000 (ARPA)

United Way St. Croix Valley

Diaper and perinatal resource bank
St. Croix
$30,000 (ARPA)

Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley

Culturally responsive services
St. Croix
$112,500 (Title V)

Us 2 Behavioral Health Care, Inc.

Building mental health workforce
$250,000 (ARPA)

Winnebago County Health Department

Parent resource hours
$150,000 (Title V)

Healthy Birth Day, Inc.

Stillbirth prevention
$98,000 (ARPA)

The priority areas for this investment include:

  • Social determinants of health, such as food security, affordable housing, employment, and social connections
  • Mental well-being
  • Building responsive and equitable health care systems (for example, training providers or health systems on the role of doulas and community health workers, training providers, or health systems)
  • Perinatal workforce development (for example, training or reimbursement of doula services or community health workers)
  • Connecting families to information and resources (targeted community outreach or education campaigns, related to the above priority topics)
  • Wraparound support for perinatal populations in uncertain situations, such as those without housing or incarceration


All funding application survey submissions were due on August 15, 2022.

Awards began January 1, 2023.

If you have questions, you can email

Last revised October 3, 2023