Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Contacts

Need to send a document?

Fax them to 608-267-0402, or send them via postal mail to:

PO Box 2659
1 W. Wilson Street., Rm 145
Madison, WI 53701-2659

Have a question?

Call our main office line at 608-266-5817

You may also contact Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program staff using the information below. The Lead and Asbestos Certification Program staff are also available to answer questions.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Staff

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Eisha Akbar Public Health Associate 608-266-1295 eisha.akbar@wi.gov
Mitchell Bortz Office Operations Associate 608-266-0197 mitchell.bortz@wi.gov
Pam Campbell STELLAR Database Manager 608-267-3901 pamela.campbell@wi.gov
Margie Coons WCLPPP Manager/ Public Health Nurse 608-267-0473 marjorie.coons@wi.gov
Annette Gates Office Associate/ STELLAR Database Entry 608-261-6866 annette.gates@wi.gov
Jeff Raiche-Gill Environmental Health Specialist 608-266-9382 jeffrey.raichegill@wi.gov
Reghan Walsh Public Health Educator 608-261-9432 reghan.walsh@wi.gov
Last Revised: August 22, 2017