Lead-Safe Wisconsin: Tools for Outreach

The lead-related tools for outreach hosted on this website are organized into three categories: Bookmarks, Toolkits, and Federal Resources. Choose a tab below to find information in that category.


How to Use These Bookmarks

Print the bookmarks double-sided on heavier paper, if possible. Cut out the bookmarks. Place the bookmarks in school libraries, public libraries, Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood, at your church, child care centers, or wherever people go to get information.



Outreach Tools for those who work with families with young children - Home Visitors, Birth-To-3 staff, Child Care Providers, etc.

Parent group orientation on lead poisoning

The Parent Group Orientation on Lead Poisoning is intended for anyone who wants to educate families with young children. You don't need to be a lead poisoning expert to do this activity to engage a group of parents during an education session or with an individual family in their home using a laptop computer or hard copy. The program consists of three parts: (1) a trainer outline, P-01243, to prepare the presenter (PDF) (2) a slide show presentation with notes, P-01245; ( PPT), and (3) handouts, P-01244, ( PDF) that accompany and enrich the presentation.


Outreach Tool for Collecting Capillary Samples in the Clinical Setting


Capillary Collection Resource Kit, P-00715 (PDF)

This resource kit was developed in 2007 and contains the information needed to initiate capillary blood lead sampling for patients in a health care provider's office.

For other toolkits, search for "lead" in the DHS Publications Library.

Federal Resources

Get Your House Tested. Get Your Kids Tested. Get the Facts.

Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future is the theme of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, held in the last full week of October, observed by the federal agencies, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Educating parents about the dangers of lead exposure to young children and what actions can be taken to protect children from harm is important all year round. Key messages are “Get Your Home Tested. Get Your Kids Tested. Get the Facts.”

Federal agencies have the following materials available:

Logo for Lead-Free Kids program

Sample press release you can customize for your community.

Newsletter article for schools, PTAs, and other organizations.

Key messages you can use as “tweets” or when talking with the media or the public.

Camera-ready posters and flyers, including ones you can modify to add your agency’s information.

Audio podcasts from CDC about lead poisoning prevention and from EPA about the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, to link to on social media networking profiles.

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Button, badges and stickers and web banners to enhance your website, blog or social media networking profiles.

Prevent lead poisoning, Health E-Card

Health-e-cards you can send to your contacts by email.

Last Revised: July 8, 2022