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Immunizations: Rate Data

Immunization rates look at the percentage of people who received the recommended vaccines. This is also known as vaccination rates or vaccination coverage. Vaccination rates are an important way to measure how well communities are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. We offer reports that break down data by:

  • Vaccine.
  • Age group.
  • City and county.
  • Region.
  • Year.

This helps us see which areas and groups have less protection. Health departments, schools, and partners can then take action to improve those vaccination rates.

Data dashboards

  • COVID-19 vaccine data: DHS reports on updated COVID-19 vaccination for Wisconsin residents. COVID-19 vaccination data is based on information from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).
  • Flu vaccine data: DHS reports on flu vaccinations for people at least 6 months old who have received at least one dose of flu vaccine during the season.
  • RSV vaccine data: DHS reports on RSV vaccination for people 60 and older.
  • Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Program immunization data: Our interactive tracker visualizes data by state and county for routine vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Impact of COVID-19 on routine vaccination: The COVID-19 pandemic caused many children and teenagers to fall behind schedule for vaccines. This dashboard compares quarterly vaccination rates to the average rates of the three years before the pandemic.
  • School and district vaccine rates: Our interactive map shows vaccines for schools and districts in Wisconsin.

Data reports

The Wisconsin Immunization Registry is our source for data on vaccine rates. We note any exceptions on the reports below.

MMR vaccination rates by county

Vaccination coverage among Wisconsin children by age 24 months

Vaccination coverage among Wisconsin adolescents aged 13—18 years

Maps showing percent of adolescents aged 13–18 vaccinated by year and county

Other reports on children

 *Data source: Wisconsin Student Immunization Law

Vaccination coverage among Wisconsin adults

Maps showing percent of adults vaccinated by year and county:

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Last revised April 15, 2024