Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: School Initiatives


Needing to make maximum use of limited resources is a position many coalitions find themselves in. Listed in this section are links to information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in the school setting.

State Plan Cover

See what's in the 2013-2018 Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity State Plan for Schools.



Physical Activity Resources

Active Schools: Core 4+ Toolkit - The latest resources that focus on five key school strategies: Active PE Minutes, Active Classrooms, Active Recess/Open Gym, Before and After School Activities, and Family and Community Activities.

Active Schools Toolkit - The original Active Schools, with materials to implement 17 key strategies to help reach the goal of 60 minutes of physical activity per day for students. 

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Physical Education

Nutrition Resources

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Nutrition Education  

Got Veggies? - A garden-based nutrition education curriculum created with the goal of getting children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Got Veggies? features seven full lesson plans that are aligned with Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Nutrition, Health, Science, and other related subjects.  A series of shorter garden-based activities are also included, as well as fun recipes and helpful tips for cooking and eating in the garden.  This curriculum provides an all-around great way to nurture students' interest in growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables!

Got Dirt? Garden Toolkit - A resource designed to assist with the implementation of school, community, and child care gardens. 

Wisconsin Farm to School Toolkits - Resource kits to help food producers and food service staff incorporate locally grown food into school meals.  

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Nutrition Education home page.

General Resources

Wisconsin School Health Award - Information on how to make your school a healthier place and how to apply for the School Health Award.

What Works in Schools P-40132 (PDF, 503 KB) - The first in a series of two-page papers summarizing evidence-based and promising strategies that focus on helping people eat healthier and be more active.  

What Works in Afterschool P-00475 (PDF, 261 KB) - A two-page summary of effective strategies in the after-school setting.

Weighing and Measuring in Schools P-40152 (PDF, 1.7 MB) ) - This document has been developed with the following objectives: 1) to help schools be better informed when deciding whether or not to weigh and measure students; 2) to provide guidance and policy recommendations to schools that choose to weigh and measure students: and 3) to provide resources for schools to create environments supportive of healthy lifestyles.  To order a printed copy, contact Mary Pesik.

Last Revised: November 3, 2016