Hospital Quarterly Statistics

General Information

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) conducts onsite investigations (called surveys) in Wisconsin hospitals under the authority of State and Federal regulations to establish whether hospitals are in compliance with these regulations. Surveys are conducted in response to complaints, as part of periodic re-certification for Medicare, and in response to certain mandated self-reports by hospitals. 

Hospitals in violation of regulations may be issued a citation (also known as a statement of deficiency), which details the regulatory violation that the hospital is expected to correct. The reports below summarize, on a quarterly basis, the results of the surveys conducted by DQA.

Reports Available

Citation Details - Table (current quarter)

Federal Citations by Category (4 quarters)

State Citations by Category (4 quarters)

Citations by Category (current quarter)

Complaints Received (4 quarters)

Complaints Substantiated with Citations (4 quarters)

Last Revised: December 10, 2019