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Hospitals: Transplant Programs

Transplant programs at hospitals provide people with organ transplants. This includes heart, liver, lungs, kidney, pancreas, or intestine.

Transplant programs are allowed only at hospitals with a Medicare provider agreement. The hospital also must follow:

How to apply

To apply for Medicare certification for a transplant program, contact Thomas Rylander:

Note: A hospital already must be Medicare certified.

Then, the hospital should complete the following:

  • A CMS-855 form submitted to the Medicare administrative contractor. The form should show a new transplant program “practice location.” Once approved, the Medicare administrative contractor will send it to the Wisconsin state survey agency.
  • A letter from the hospital containing the information listed in QSO-19-11-Transplant (PDF), Attachment A: Required Information for all Applications for Medicare Approval of Transplant Programs. Submit this letter to Thomas Rylander.

  • Submit the following information to the Organ Procurement Transplant Network (42 CFR §482.80):

    • Patient data
    • Clinical experience
    • Outcome requirements

    CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) will review this information. They will send results to the Wisconsin state survey agency.

Refer to QSO-19-11-Transplant (PDF) for more information on:

  • Initial survey certification for transplant programs.
  • Recertification process for transplant programs.

Reporting program changes

Report changes to a transplant program in writing to Relevant changes include changes to:

  • The primary surgeon or physician for a given organ.
  • The contact person for the transplant program.

Wisconsin transplant programs

The following is a list of Wisconsin hospitals that provide transplant services. The list is alphabetized by city.

University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics

600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792


Program types and year each program began:

  • Adult heart (1991)
  • Adult kidney (1977)
  • Adult liver (1990)
  • Adult lung (1995)
  • Adult pancreas (1966)

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

5th Floor Galleria Building
2900 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53215


Program types and year each program began:

  • Adult heart (1990)
  • Adult kidney (2000)
  • Adult liver (2004)
  • Adult pancreas (1966)

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

9000 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53226


Program types and year each program began:

  • Pediatric heart (2015)
  • Pediatric kidney (1987)
  • Pediatric liver (2013)

Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital

9200 W Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee WI, 53226


Program types and year each program began:

  • Adult heart (2018)
  • Adult kidney (1979)
  • Adult liver (1995)
  • Adult lung (2013)
  • Adult pancreas (1983)

Contact us

Licensing, certification, and program changes

Thomas Rylander


Transplant program rules and regulations

Denise Balboa


Last revised January 13, 2023