Personal Care Agencies (PCAs) - Online Training

The following online training modules have been created by the Division of Quality Assurance and are intended for the sole purpose of assisting individuals or entities interested in completing the application process to become a free-standing Personal Care Agency. Applicants are encouraged to view these modules to a gain clearer understanding of the process to become a PCA. Currently certified agencies may find that these modules are a helpful review.

Training Resources

Prior to beginning these trainings it is strongly recommended that you print the following documents or have them available for reference:

DHS 101 Introduction and Definitions

DHS 105 Provider Certification [Note: DHS 105.17 refers to Personal Care Services]

DHS 107 Covered Services [Note: DHS 107.112 refers to Personal Care Services]

DHS 106 Provider Rights and Responsibilities

Survey Guide: Personal Care Agency Approval (PDF, 69 KB)

Online Training Modules

The PCA online training modules were created using Adobe Presenter software and may be viewed by selecting a specific module. The slides for each training module are available to print prior to viewing each module. 

Module 1: Introduction to Personal Care Services - PowerPoint slides (PDF, 698 KB)

Module 2: The Application Process - PowerPoint slides (PDF, 610 KB)

Module 3 - Part 1: Regulatory Compliance Review, Policies and Procedures - PowerPoint slides (PDF, 750 KB)

Module 3 - Part 2: Regulatory Compliance Review, Policies and Procedures - PowerPoint slides (PDF, 654 KB)

Module 4: The Survey Process - PowerPoint slides (PDF, 714 KB)

Additional Resources

Caregiver Background Check information and requirements

ForwardHealth Online Handbooks

Division of Quality Assurance Memos for PCAs

Last Revised: December 15, 2015