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WIC: Anyone can file a complaint about WIC program violations

WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) has certain rules that participants and vendors must follow. Any person can file a complaint or report possible program violations.

File a WIC complaint To file a complaint:

When to file a WIC complaint

Here are examples of when to file a complaint.

  • A WIC-approved store (or vendor) does not treat you well.
  • A WIC-approved store does not have fresh WIC foods.
  • A WIC-approved store charges WIC participants more than other customers.
  • A WIC-approved store or WIC participant trades or sells WIC benefits for cash, credit, or other items.
  • A WIC-approved store or WIC participant threatens someone by using offensive words or physical force.
  • WIC participants return WIC food or infant formula for cash or credit.
  • WIC participants lie to get WIC benefits. This includes details about income, name, address, and health.
  • WIC vendors buy stolen infant formula.

View the WIC Nondiscrimination Statement.

Last revised May 9, 2022