Submit a Complaint or Report Fraud and Abuse

Filing A Complaint

WIC believes all participants deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. Stores should have a variety of fresh and good quality WIC-approved foods. Participants who feel they have been mistreated by a vendor or who experience frequent problems obtaining WIC foods from a particular vendor are encouraged to file a complaint using the Vendor/Participant Complaint form, F-44322 (PDF). Submit the completed form to the participant's local WIC agency. Complaints may also be reported by calling or emailing the local WIC agency, which can be found on the Local WIC Office contact page

Reporting Fraud and Abuse

Submit reports of WIC program violations, abuse, and fraud by a Wisconsin WIC vendor or participant by email to or by calling the WIC Fraud Hotline at 1-866-260-1727.

Examples of vendor fraud include:

  • Redeeming WIC benefits for cash, credit, or unauthorized items
  • Overcharging WIC shoppers
  • Physically or verbally threatening a WIC participant
  • Purchasing infant formula from unauthorized sources

Examples of participant fraud include:

  • Providing false information to receive WIC benefits, including: gross household income, residency, identity, household size, medical and health information
  • Selling, trading, or giving away WIC foods, formula, breast pumps for cash or credit
  • Returning WIC foods or formula for cash or credit
  • Redeeming WIC benefits for cash, credit, or unauthorized items

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Last Revised: December 1, 2017