How to Become a WIC Vendor

Any owner of a grocery store or pharmacy located in Wisconsin may apply for authorization as a WIC vendor.

WIC authorization does not transfer to a new owner when a change of ownership occurs. 

Vendors cannot accept WIC benefits until all application requirements are met, including:

  • Completing all required forms and submitting supporting documents.
  • Passing a site visit.
  • Completing a training program.
  • Receiving an authorization letter from WIC. 

Completion of the application does not guarantee WIC vendor authorization. Submission of false information will result in denial of the application.

eWIC Vendor Resources

Training Webinars

eWIC Vendor Documents

eWIC Vendor Readiness Toolkit

Section 1 - Introduction P-00937-01-0 (PDF, 220 KB)

  1. Readiness Timeline P-00937-01-1 (PDF, 157 KB)
  2. Glossary of Terms P-00937-01-2 (PDF, 121 KB)

Section 2 - eWIC Rollout and Transition to eWIC Cards P-00937-02-0 (PDF, 314 KB)

Section 3 - eWIC Transaction Training Components P-00937-03-0 (PDF, 125 KB)

Section 4 - Authorized Product List and System Types P-00937-04-0 (PDF, 97 KB)

Section 5 - Vendor Materials P-00937-05-0 (PDF, 107 KB)

Last Revised: October 7, 2015