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WIC Vendor: Product Look-Up Codes for Stand-Beside Vendors

Processing Fruit and Vegetable Purchases (Stand-Beside Devices)

WIC-eligible fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables are cash value benefits (CVB). The Product Look-Up (PLU) code must be entered on the stand-beside device for fresh fruits or vegetables sold by weight or piece. Enter the 4- or 5-digit PLU code found on the produce sticker or select the appropriate one from the list below. DO NOT scan the code on the sticker. There are many different varieties included in these general categories. For example, any type of apple can be entered under the PLU provided for apple. Request the PLU code for produce items that aren't on the list from the WIC Vendor Unit

Cashier Steps

  • Use the handheld scanner to scan the bar code or manually enter the UPC code of ALL WIC eligible food items, including canned, frozen, or packaged fresh CVB items.
  • Enter the price (or set up the prices in your device using the “More” key).
  • Select “Enter”.  You do not need to separate regular WIC food items with UPC codes from CVB items. 
  • Hand enter the 4- or 5-digit PLU code for fresh fruits or vegetables sold by weight or piece, found either on the produce sticker or the list provided by WIC.  DO NOT scan the code on the sticker. You cannot set up prices in the device for items sold using a PLU code.
  • Enter the price. 
  • Select “Enter”.  
  • Select “F1” to total the WIC purchase.
  • Select “F1” for Yes to enter coupons or “F2” for No coupons. 
  • Select “F1” for Yes to Continue Transaction and complete the WIC purchase.  


  • Do not select “F1” to total a transaction until all WIC foods are entered. There isn’t a separate CVB button.  If you select “FI” to total a transaction, which takes you to the coupon screen, before CVB items are entered, select the red “Cancel” button and it will take you back to the product entry screen.
  • If the UPC code on canned or frozen fruit or vegetables shows the item as NOT ELIGIBLE for WIC, you may not sell it in a WIC transaction. Aldi’s canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, and fruit in syrup are not WIC eligible. 
  • If you think the item should be WIC eligible, please complete the UPC submission form.

Correcting Errors

  • If you entered a dollar amount for a CVB item into the coupon screen, but have not totaled the transaction, select F2 “List” and scroll through the items using the Previous and Next buttons, and edit the coupon to 0, then select yellow “Back” key to finish the transaction.
  • Or you can cancel the entire transaction using the red “Cancel” key, select F1 for Yes and start over.  
  • If you total and complete the transaction and then notice a discount or coupon was applied in error, you can Void Last transaction using the purple “More” key, but only if the customer is still in the store to enter their card number and re-ring the purchase.  

The WIC Vendor and Integrity Unit encourages you to print the PLU tables below to use at your store as a reference guide. 


Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Four-digit PLU code Your Price
Apple 4200  
Banana 4011  
Carrot 4564  
Garlic 4610  
Lemon 4304  
Lettuce 4641  
Lime 4306  
Onion 4670  
Orange 4390  
Pepper 4710  
Potato 4730  
Tomato 4808  

Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Four-digit PLU code Your Price
Avocado 4227  
Berries 4252  
Cabbage 4556  
Celery 4577  
Corn 4591  
Cucumber 4597  
Grapes 4275  
Greens 4620  
Kohlrabi 4628  
Mango 4313  
Melon 4350   
Peaches 4404  
Pears 4425  
Pineapple 4433  
Plantain 3287  
Radish 4744  
Squash 4787   
Turnip 4813  
Yam/Sweet Potato 3288  
Yucca 4819  


Last revised November 17, 2022