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Client Rights: Community Grievance Decision Digest

This digest lists past state decisions on patient rights complaints. It includes laws and rules for each right. It also describes the facts and the outcome of the decision.

The goal is to give guidance for future decisions. People receiving services can use a past decision when filing a complaint. Providers can use a past decision to guide a response.

We’ve organized cases by the decision date (not the case number). If you see “emphasis added,” it means we’ve highlighted certain words so they’re easier to find.

The digest applies to those receiving certain services:

  • Developmental disability
  • Mental health
  • Substance use

This digest doesn’t apply to people receiving services at state-run facilities.

The Client Rights Office can’t provide copies of these decision precedents. If you have a question, contact us.

Learn more in the Introduction to the Community Grievance Decision Digest (PDF)

Dignity and respect issues


Last revised May 19, 2023