Client Rights: Community Grievance Decision Digest

The Community Grievance Decision Digest contains summaries of the decisions made at the Level III and Level IV of the client rights grievance procedure. The purpose of setting forth the summary of decision precedents is to provide guidance for the interpretation of client rights laws and rules.

This listing is designed for client rights specialists and program directors who make decisions at Level IA and IB and county staff who make decisions at Level II of the grievance process. While much of the Community Grievance Decision Digest is technical in nature, consumers may also find it helpful to see how grievance issues have been decided at the Level III and Level IV of the grievance process.

"Emphasis Added" may be listed in the documents below. It means certain words in the quoted law or rule have been highlighted in bold to draw attention to them.

Service providers and consumers may cite these decision precedents in complaint documents. However, each complaint is unique and the decision precedent here may not, upon closer inspection, apply.

The Community Grievance Decision Digest does not apply to anyone receiving services from a state-operated facility.

Discharges and Transfers

Dignity and Respect Issues

Financial Issues

Grievance Process Issues

Inpatient Issues

Legal Issues

Privacy Issues


Rights Issues

Treatment Issues

Can I get a copy of a Level III or Level IV decision?

Sorry, the Client Rights Office cannot provide copies. Due to the amount of details in most of these decisions, it would be nearly impossible to block out all the information that might identify the individual patient. Sending out copies of these decisions could violate the consumer's confidentiality rights.

Last Revised: March 19, 2019