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Children’s Long-Term Support: Information for Counties

The Wisconsin Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program helps kids with disabilities and their families. Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) uses Medicaid funds to offer a range of services. County waiver agencies (CWAs) help families access these services. Support for a child and their family depends on their specific needs and goals.

CWAs can learn more about the program on this page.

I am a provider

I care for a child with a disability

Essential children's resources

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Children's Resource Network Logo

Wisconsin Wayfinder supports families of children with delays, disabilities, special health care needs, and mental health conditions. Children’s resource guides are helpers who assist families, caregivers, professionals, and organizations in finding a wide array of supports and services available through the Children’s Resource Network.


CWAs work with us and help run the program. DHS is responsible for making sure that all rules of the program are followed. We use program funds based on rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

As a CWA, you help connect families to services they need. That includes authorizing registered providers, who offer the services.

With the family, we find ways for a child to live their best life. We call our team approach Deciding Together.

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We are here to support you and your team. The listed links have more details about the program.

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Family resources

These links are for parents, participants, and caregivers. They are helpful for county staff to know:

County resources

These links are for CWAs:


These links offer program contact details:

Last revised November 14, 2023