COVID-19: ForwardHealth Program Updates

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our participants and members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check this page regularly to stay informed about the latest updates. For information about COVID-19 and the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program, Emergency Assistance, and Wisconsin Works (W-2), visit the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website

 Program updates

Rides to medical appointments will continue

We will continue to provide rides to medical appointments (called non-emergency medical transportation) for members enrolled in the following programs:

  • BadgerCare Plus
  • Wisconsin Medicaid
  • Family Planning Only Services
  • Medicaid Purchase Plan
  • SSI Medicaid
  • IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct)
  • BadgerCare Plus Express Enrollment for Pregnant Women
  • Tuberculosis-Related Medicaid
  • Katie Beckett
  • Care4Kids
  • Children Come First
  • Wraparound Milwaukee

Please schedule rides with MTM as usual. If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and you have a fever or other symptoms, please call your doctor to make sure you can be seen before you call MTM to schedule a ride. When you call MTM to schedule a ride, be sure to tell them if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are feeling ill.

In most cases, rides are being limited to one member and one driver at this time.

Note: If you are enrolled in Family Care, Family Care Partnership, or PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), please contact your care manager if you need help arranging a ride or have questions.

Get your prescriptions by mail

If you are enrolled in a Wisconsin Medicaid program, BadgerCare Plus, or SeniorCare, you may be able to get your prescriptions mailed to your home. You may also be able to get a three-month supply. Please check with your pharmacy to see if you can do this.

 Changes to in-person services

To protect your health and safety and to follow recommendations provided by federal, state, and local public health authorities, we may need to change the way we provide services.

In-person contacts temporarily stopped for children's programs

In-person contacts, such as home visits, have been temporarily stopped for the following programs:

  • Birth to 3 Program
  • Children's Community Options Program
  • Children's Long-Term Support Waiver Program
  • Katie Beckett Program

In-person contacts will instead be done by phone or online.

Milwaukee Enrollment Services temporarily closed to the public

Milwaukee Enrollment Services (MilES) is temporarily closed to all in-person visits. MilES provides eligibility services to Milwaukee County residents who are applying for or enrolled in health care programs like BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid, FoodShare, and the Wisconsin Share Child Care Subsidy Program (Wisconsin Shares).

Applicants and members are encouraged to apply for and manage their health care, FoodShare, and Wisconsin Shares benefits using the ACCESS website. They are also encouraged to use the MyACCESS mobile app to check the status of their benefits, get important reminders, and submit documents.

The MilES Call Center, which can be reached at 888-947-6583 or 711 (TTY), will also be open during the regular hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please bear with us as there may be longer than usual wait times during the closure.

 General COVID-19 information

Scammers using COVID-19 to try to steal personal information

Everyone needs to watch out for COVID-19-related fraud! Scammers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to benefit themselves. Scammers may offer COVID-19 testing or treatment through phone calls, social media, and/or door-to-door visits. These services are not real and will not help you.

The scammers want to steal your personal information, such as your Social Security number, bank information, ForwardHealth ID, and QUEST card number or PIN. Scammers use this information to steal money or your identity. 

Members should not answer any ads for COVID-19 testing or treatment or give out any personal information in this emergency unless they know who they are talking to. If members receive a phone call asking for personal information and aren’t sure of who they are talking to, they should hang up and call ForwardHealth Member Services at 800-362-3002 or their agency to find out if the call is real.

If someone calls or visits you about COVID-19 and you think they are a scammer, you can report it. 

Learn about ways to protect yourself and your family

If you have questions about ways to protect yourself and your family, please check out the resources below.

Last Revised: April 6, 2020