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Crisis Services: Youth Crisis Stabilization Facilities

Wisconsin youth crisis stabilization facilities provide supports and services in a residential setting of no more than eight beds at earlier stages of a mental health struggle before more intensive, costly, and restrictive interventions are required.

Young people (ages 17 and under) may stay for up to 30 days—though most stays are only a few days in length—to recover from their distress. 

Three locations


Wisconsin Community Services/Milwaukee County 
Boys ages 10-17
Call 414-610-4109

Lad Lake Masana
Girls ages 13-17
Call 414-239-0511 in Milwaukee County or 414-750-6109 outside of Milwaukee County


North Central Health Care
Boys and girls ages 17 and under
Call 715-848-4385

Select one of the following options for more information on youth crisis stabilization facilities.

Youth who stay at a youth crisis stabilization facility receive care from a team of trained professionals. This team provides immediate counseling and assistance to help avert an emergency and prevent the person in mental health crisis from being placed in a higher level of care. This team also collaborates with the client's support system, including their family, school, and other service providers, to ensure the client's mental health needs are met when they return home.

Youth crisis stabilization facilities also serve youth discharged from an inpatient setting who are in need of lower level care before they return home.

Know your rights

There are rules to ensure the privacy and dignity of people receiving services at a youth crisis stabilization facility are protected. Learn more about Wisconsin's client rights law.

Last revised January 30, 2023