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Division of Quality Assurance: Requests for Information

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) is responsible for licensing and regulation of providers, facilities, and programs that provide health, long-term care, mental health, and substance use disorder services. This webpage provides information regarding requests for information pertaining to DQA-regulated providers.

Most Requested Information

The most requested information is called a Statement of Deficiency (SOD). A SOD is the official survey report containing the results of a DQA survey inspection and/or complaint investigation of a provider. SODs of most DQA-regulated providers and programs are available online using Provider Search at no cost to the public. Another often requested record is called a Plan of Correction (POC). A POC is a provider's response to the alleged violations in the SOD. A three-year history of SODs and POCs is available for most provider types on Provider Search.

Provider Information Requests (State Release)

Provider Types

DQA is the release authority for information pertaining to the providers listed below:

  • Adult day care centers
  • Adult family homes
  • Community-based residential facilities
  • Facilities serving people with development disabilities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Mental health treatment programs
  • Pain clinics
  • Personal care agencies
  • Residential care apartment complexes
  • Substance use disorder treatment programs

Requesting Information

No official form is needed to make a request for information maintained by DQA. To make a request, contact DQA:

Requests for information that contain personally identifying, personal health, and other types of confidential information must be accompanied with legally documented authorization. Without proper authorization, information requests may contain redactions.

Provider Information Requests (Federal Release)

The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the release authority for information pertaining to the providers listed below.

  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Clinical laboratories (CLIA)
  • End-stage renal dialysis units
  • Home health agencies
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals, including swing bed hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Outpatient rehabilitation and speech therapy programs

Requesting Information

The CMS FOIA website provides helpful forms, information, and guidance to assist you when submitting a request. CMS requires authorization for the release of confidential information.

Visit the CMS FOIA website or contact the CMS, Chicago Regional Office:

  • Email
  • Call 312-886-5344
  • Fax 312-353-0252
  • Mailing address:
    CMS, Chicago Regional Office
    233 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 600
    Chicago, IL 60601
Last revised January 27, 2023