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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Contact Us

Wisconsin EVV Customer Care

Available Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Central time

Providers, members, participants, workers, and program payers can contact Wisconsin EVV Customer Care for help with technical and program-related questions.



What types of support can Wisconsin EVV Customer Care provide?

  • Answer general questions about EVV
  • Share resources for training workers using the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)-provided Sandata EVV system
  • Let you know which workers are required to use EVV
  • Assist getting started with EVV
  • Help you use the Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) app
  • Understand and help you resolve Sandata EVV technology/error messages
  • Guide you through clearing exceptions in the Sandata EVV system
  • Clarify Wisconsin EVV policy
  • Reset Sandata EVV passwords and unlock accounts
  • Order, return, or replace fixed visit verification (FVV) devices for the Sandata EVV system
  • Help you use the Sandata Aggregator
  • Receive feedback about EVV

Meet with an EVV specialist

Wisconsin EVV Customer Care offers personalized office hours to make sure you get the support you need. This one-on-one time can help you get started with EVV, solve a specific issue, or feel more confident with the system.

  • For providers, the EVV specialist will come to the session with an understanding of where you are in the process, what issues you may be facing, and suggested solutions.
  • For HMOs, MCOs, and IRIS FEAs, the EVV specialist can help you use the Sandata Aggregator and troubleshoot missing files or visits.

Contact DHS

You may also share comments or feedback with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Medicaid Services, at the address below.

Division of Medicaid Services
Attention: Electronic Visit Verification
PO Box 309
Madison, WI 53707-0309

Last revised January 23, 2024