The federal 21st Century Cures Act requires electronic visit verification (EVV) for certain Medicaid-funded services.  EVV starts November 2, 2020. You can find  general information about EVV in other areas of this website. This area provides information specific to IRIS participants and those supporting them. Some important points to remember:Silhouette of an adult in a wheelchair at sunset

  • IRIS participants who choose services from a provider agency will not need to train workers for EVV.
  • IRIS participant-hired live-in workers will not need to use EVV.
  • Other participant-hired workers will need to use EVV. Participants, as employers, will need to make sure their workers are trained.
  • IRIS consultants can help participants find the resources they need to train their participant-hired workers.
  • November 2, 2020, starts the “soft launch” of EVV. The soft launch offers time and support for IRIS participants, participant-hired workers, and others to learn the new process. The Department of Health Services will begin a “hard launch” of EVV at a later date. The IRIS program will announce more about this later. 
  • The fiscal employer agency chooses which EVV system they require participant-hired workers to use. The Department of Health Services is providing a free EVV system. Some fiscal employer agencies may choose to use a different system. If a different system is used, the fiscal employer agency should provide information about that system. They should also provide a plan for how training will happen.

More details about roles and responsibilities are in the links below. 


Read important information about EVV and IRIS participants who hire their own workers. 

Your IRIS consultant can help you decide which training resources are best for your participant-hired workers who are not live-ins. The full list of training resources is here. 

IRIS Consultants

This PowerPoint covers roles and responsibilities when the fiscal employer agency chooses the DHS-provided EVV system through Sandata. It includes the roles of the IRIS consultant, fiscal employer agency, participant, and participant-hired worker.

A recording of the October 2, 2020, PowerPoint presentation will be available within the next week. 

Last Revised: October 8, 2020