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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Information for Members

Does Medicaid cover your personal care or home health care services? If so, your caregivers must use an electronic visit verification (EVV) system to record details about their visits.

Here’s how it works

Elderly hand being held by a younger hand

When a worker arrives to care for you, they will do a quick check-in at the start of the visit. They will use a smart phone or tablet to enter the date, time, location, and service. In some cases, they may use a small digital device or your landline telephone. They will check out at the end of the visit, too.

If you need help right away before your worker checks in, that’s okay. The check-in step can be done after your worker makes sure you are all set. The check-in step can be fixed in the system later.

Here is the list of personal care services and home health care services that require workers to capture EVV information in Wisconsin.

EVV is secure and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).



Last revised November 27, 2023