Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Alternate EVV

An alternate EVV system is an EVV data collection system that is not provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). Provider agencies can choose to use either the DHS-provided EVV system, Sandata, or an alternate EVV data collection system. 

Provider agencies that choose to use an alternate EVV system must complete an alternate EVV certification process. The steps and amount of time needed in the certification process will depend on the alternate EVV system selected and if Sandata has already certified the EVV vendor for use in Wisconsin.

The EVV certification requirements and process are detailed in the following documents:

The alternate EVV certification process requires provider agencies and their vendors to test the alternate EVV system's interface with the DHS-provided EVV system, Sandata.

DHS is not responsible for any costs related to the implementation of, or training for, an alternate EVV data collection system. Provider agencies that choose to use their own system and/or the vendors providing those systems will be responsible for all costs of implementation, including those related to an interface with the Sandata aggregator portal.

Sandata's aggregator portal

Alternate EVV systems will interface with the DHS EVV system through the use of the Sandata aggregator portal. The portal provides a read-only view of the EVV visit data collected by an alternate EVV system. Training on Sandata's aggregator portal will be available through Sandata's learning management system. Provider agencies will obtain access to Sandata's learning management system during the alternate EVV certification process.

Please email Wisconsin EVV Customer Care with any questions related to EVV. Please email or call Sandata at 855-705-2407 with questions about the alternate EVV process.

Last Revised: June 15, 2022