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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Resources and FAQs

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has created several materials for members, IRIS participants and workers, providers, and program payers to keep up to date on EVV. Please access, download, or share the below resources.

Resources and FAQs

Title of resourceTypeAvailable languages
Public ForumsWebpageEnglish, Hmong, Spanish
Your Key to EVV NewsletterNewsletterEnglish, Hmong, Spanish
EVV ID Help Sheet, P-02844 (PDF) and Worker Visit Card Template, P-02844A (Word)Help Sheet, FormEnglish
EVV Lifecycle Flyer, P-03124 (PDF)HandoutEnglish
EVV Live-in Worker Identification and Instructions, F-02717FormEnglish
EVV Member Flyer, P-02730 (PDF)HandoutEnglish, Hmong, Somali, Spanish

EVV ForwardHealth Updates

Title of resourceTypeAvailable languages
ForwardHealth Update 2023-41, "Nurse Supervisory Service Code 99509 Will Require Use of an Electronic Visit Verification System" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2023-40, "Home Health Care Services Electronic Visit Verification Soft Launch Announcement" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
Forward Health Update 2023-12, "New Electronic Visit Verification Policy and Reminders for Hard Launch" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2022-48, “Personal Care Services Electronic Visit Verification Hard Launch Announcement” (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2022-38, "Documenting Record of Care and Time With Electronic Visit Verification" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
EVV Policy Decisions, P-02614Information sheetEnglish, Hmong, Spanish
ForwardHealth Update 2021-40, "Electronic Visit Verification Soft Launch Has Been Extended" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2021-26, "Electronic Visit Verification Hard Launch Preparation" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2021-23, "Electronic Visit Verification Policy and Hard Launch Timeline" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2021-05, "Electronic Visit Verification Prior Authorization Procedure for Live-In Workers" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish
ForwardHealth Update 2020-31, "Implementation of Electronic Visit Verification for Personal Care and Supportive Home Care Services" (PDF)ForwardHealth UpdateEnglish

If you need printed materials in a language not listed, please email us at

Last revised November 21, 2023