Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Unlocking EVV Podcasts

This series of recordings provides information supporting the EVV soft launch and helps prepare for a future hard launch. Each interview-style podcast includes real questions the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has received and answers from experts.

Podcast Link Topics Discussed Transcript Link
Unlocking EVV 1
  • Programs that require EVV
  • DHS expectations
  • Details of checking in and out of a visit

English (PDF)Hmong (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Unlocking EVV 2
  • Worker IDs and email addresses
  • Live-in workers
English (PDF), Hmong (PDF), Spanish (PDF)
Unlocking EVV 3
  • Secure file transfers for members or participants, workers, and visit information
  • Editing member or participant and worker records
English (PDF), Hmong (PDF), Spanish (PDF)
Unlocking EVV 4
  • Detailed information about EVV and the IRIS program
  • What services require EVV, training guidelines, and live-in workers
English (PDF), Hmong (PDF), Spanish (PDF)
Unlocking EVV 5
  • A review of progress made during soft launch implementation
  • Current reporting and preparation for hard launch is discussed
English (PDF). Hmong (PDF), Spanish (PDF)


Last Revised: August 23, 2021