Choosing IRIS

People with long term care needs who may be interested in the IRIS program should first contact their local aging and disability resource center (ADRC) to receive options counseling and to establish functional, financial, and non-financial eligibility for Wisconsin's long-term care programs.

Enrollment Counseling and Orientation

If a person who is eligible selects IRIS, then the ADRC representative provides the person with an overview of the expected roles and responsibilities of a participant in the IRIS program and an overview of the next steps. The ADRC completes a referral to an IRIS consultant agency and the person is contacted by the IRIS consultant agency.

Selecting an IRIS Consultant

Next, the person receives a welcome call from the IRIS consultant agency. During the welcome call, the IRIS consultant agency assists the participant in choosing an IRIS consultant and schedules an initial face-to-face meeting for program orientation.

The IRIS consultant is available to assist the person in understanding program requirements, to complete necessary paperwork and to answer questions or concerns regarding the IRIS program. Together, the person and their IRIS consultant identify the person’s long-term support needs and desired goals and outcomes, and develop an Individual Services and Supports Plan (ISSP). Once an ISSP is completed and approved, and all necessary paperwork is completed, the person is enrolled in the IRIS Program as a participant. The IRIS consultant schedules regular visits with the participant to ensure on-going services and supports continue to meet the participant's needs.

Working with a Fiscal Employer Agent

IRIS participants receive support from a fiscal employer agent. A fiscal employer agent is available to complete worker background checks, process payroll, manage federal and state tax withholding and reporting obligations for participant-hired workers, and assist with other employer responsibilities, such as verifying the person's citizenship status to work in the United States. Fiscal employer agents issue payments for the services provided to the participant and process any Medicaid-required cost share payments.

Last Revised: August 10, 2017