Wisconsin's Functional Screen

Wisconsin's Functional Screen system is a web-based application used to collect information about an individual's functional status, health, and need for assistance for various programs that serve the frail elderly and people with intellectual/developmental or physical disabilities. The screen is used to determine functional eligibility for certain mental health services, adult long-term care programs, and children's long-term support programs. Experienced professionals, usually social workers or registered nurses, who have taken an online training course and passed a certification exam are able to access and administer the screen.

Resources for certified screeners: Adult LTCFS, Children's LTS, MH/AODA, General Resources for all Screeners

General Information

Resources for Adult Long Term Care Functional Screen (LTCFS) Screeners

Webcast Trainings

Resources for Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Screeners

Introduction to the CLTS FS Quality Tool

Refresher Training for Certified CLTS Screeners

Presentations on Institutional Levels of Care in CLTS Programs

  1. Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/IID) Level of Care: Developmental Disabilities (DD LOC) 16 min, 40 sec
  2. Psychiatric Hospital Level of Care: Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED LOC) 38 min, 58 sec
  3. Nursing Home Level of Care: Physical Disabilities (NH LOC) 24 min, 44 sec
  4. Hospital Level of Care: Physical Disabilities (HOS LOC) 13 min, 26 sec

Resources for Mental Health/AODA Screeners

General Resources for All Screeners

¹The papers above were prepared as part of Wisconsin's applications to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for approval of the Children's Long-Term Support and Adult Long-Term Care Functional Screens.

Last Revised: November 20, 2019