Wisconsin's Functional Screen

Wisconsin's Functional Screen system is a web-based application used to collect information about an individual's functional status, health, and need for assistance for various programs that serve the frail elderly and people with intellectual/developmental or physical disabilities. The screen is used to determine functional eligibility for certain mental health services, adult long-term care programs, and children's long-term support programs. Experienced professionals, usually social workers or registered nurses, who have taken an online training course and passed a certification exam are able to access and administer the screen.

Resources for certified screeners: Adult Long Term Care Functional Screen (LTCFS) , Children's Long-Term Support Program (CLTS), Mental Health/Substance Use, General Resources for All Screeners

General Information

Resources for Adult Long Term Care Functional Screen (LTCFS) Screeners

Resources for Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Screeners

CLTS FS Teleconferences


  • August 11, 2022
  • November 10, 2022


September 9, 2021: Overview of CLTS FS updates; CLTS FS Clinical Instructions: Module 1 Information pages; Module 3 Diagnoses

October 14, 2021: Overview of CLTS FS updates; CLTS FS Clinical Instructions: Module 4 Mental Health; Module 5 Behaviors; Module 7 School & Work; Module 8 Health-Related Services

November 4, 2021: Overview of CLTS FS updates' CLTS FS Clinical Instructions Module 6 ADL/IADLs; Module 9 Screen time and Notes; Module 10 Functional Eligibility Results; Module 11 Resources for Certified Screeners

February 10, 2022: CLTS Waiver Renewal; defining roles, activities, resources for CLTS FS Leads

May 12, 2022: Screen timeliness; NFE review process; behaviors/social competency; COVID-19 Unwinding; resources/trainings

Contact Information


Resources for Mental Health/Substance Use Screeners

If you have a question about Wisconsin’s Functional Eligibility Screen for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services, contact the Division of Care and Treatment Services.

General Resources for All Screeners

¹The papers above were prepared as part of Wisconsin's applications to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for approval of the Children's Long-Term Support and Adult Long-Term Care Functional Screens.

Last Revised: August 10, 2022